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There are various examples of songs about silver, from classics in the 80s to new styles in modern music. The word “silver” is generally used in the metaphors established in the lyrics of the songs. Here are the most popular silver songs we have listed for you:

Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs

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There are many cult Fleetwood Mac songs on the Rumors album released in 1977. One of these popular songs is Silver Springs, the first song of our songs about silver list. Thanks to Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac won Grammy awards. The lyrics of the song begin with “You could be my silver spring”.

Beach House – Silver Soul

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Beach House’s Silver House song, released 13 years ago, is the song with the most interesting clip on our songs about silver list. The vibe and energy of the song is quite impressive. The originality of the clip can also cause a sense of fear in places.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

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One of the popular names of alternative music, First Aid Kit released their song My Silver Lining 9 years ago. The song is one of the most popular examples of our list of songs about silver with over 40 million streams.

Mark Lindsay – Silver Bird

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The Silver Bird song, released in 1970, is one of the oldest examples of our list of songs about silver. When we listen to this classic song, it will be noticed that the lyrics begin with “Get aboard the silver bird, departing gate 19”. Silver Bird is one of the popular songs that Mark Lindsay released in his solo career after The Raider.

Hurts – Silver Lining

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British band Hurts released their album Happiness in 2010. Silver Lining, one of the most popular tracks of this album, is on our songs about silver list. The song has become known not only in the UK but all over the world.

The Neighborhood – Silver

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The Neighborhood group, which always releases original pieces in alternative music, released their song Silver in 2014. It is known that the song achieved great commercial success both on digital platforms and on radio.

David Guetta – Silver Screen

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Released in 2001, Silver Screen in the dance/electronic genre will elevate the mood of your playlist. Together with the famous DJ David Guetta and Felix Da Housecat, they created the track Silver Screen. We are sure that this track is the most moving song on our list of songs about silver. get ready to dance before you listen to this song.

Louis Tomlinson – Silver Tongues

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One of the newest examples of our list of songs about silver is Silver Tongues. This pop song, released in 2022, has very emotional lyrics. The words “Gettin’ high on the amber wave”, which we listened to with the impressive vocal of Louis Tomlison, are unforgettable.

BTS – Silver Spoon

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BTS, one of the most popular groups of the Korean pop genre, is also on our list of songs about silver. Their song Silver Spoon, which they released in 2015, became really popular. Moreover, it has gained a large fan base not only in Korea but all over the world. The song’s fun and energetic clip features a great dance performance by the band members. If you thought our list of songs about silver would ignore the Korean Pop genre, you were wrong.

Kenny Rogers – Silver Bells

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Silver Bells, one of the most popular high-energy songs of the 90s, is the last song of our list of songs about silver. Released in 1989 with Kenny Rogers’ charming vocals, this old song should definitely be on our list. You can listen to the song with family members on the Christmas holidays.

David Soul – Silver Lady

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When we consider songs about silver, “Silver Lady” is a song by American-British actor and singer David Soul. Released in 1977, the song became a significant hit, reaching number one on the UK Singles Chart. The track is known for its catchy melody and Soul’s smooth vocals.

“Silver Lady” is a love ballad, and the lyrics express admiration and affection for a woman referred to as the “silver lady.” The song’s success contributed to David Soul’s reputation as a singer, particularly in the United Kingdom, where he gained popularity not only for his acting roles but also for his music career.

Pixies – Silver

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“Silver” is a song by the American alternative rock band Pixies. It is featured on their fifth studio album, “Doolittle,” released in 1989. Pixies, known for their distinctive blend of alternative rock and punk influences, deliver “Silver” with dynamic shifts in intensity and Kim Deal’s distinctive bassline.

The lyrics of “Silver” are enigmatic and open to interpretation, as is often the case with many Pixies songs. The band’s unconventional songwriting style and raw sound contributed to their influence on the alternative rock genre.

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