Songs About Ginger

Have you ever thought that there are songs about ginger? Interesting but there are countless examples of songs about ginger, from pop classics to modern rap examples. Here are songs about ginger released at different times:

Holy Ten – Ginger

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This fresh song, published in August 2023, is at the top of our list. Named Ginger, this hip-hop and R&B song was produced by Holy Ten and other Zimbabwean musicians. This song by the famous musician is one of the first to come to mind when thinking of songs about ginger.

Riton, Kah-Lo – Ginger

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The song named Ginger, released in 2018, has achieved more than 1 million streams today. Successful musicians Riton and Kah-lo came together in the clip of this song. It should definitely be on your playlists. This song should definitely be on our list of songs about ginger.

King Promise – Ginger

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Ginger, one of the high energy songs of King Promise, has reached more than 3 million streams. Aggression is high in both the clip and the lyrics. This song is one of the best known songs about ginger.

Bebefinn – I’m A Ginger Cat Boo! meow

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This song, performed by ginger cat, the cute character of the Bebefinn channel, which is popular with children’s songs, may be the most listened to song of our list. While children’s songs often reach hundreds of millions of streams, I’m A Ginger Cat Boo! pretty fun. This song is a very good example of songs about ginger.

Wizkid – Ginger

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Wizkid showed all his skills in the song Ginger, which they published together with Burna Boy. The lyrics and music of the song are quite impressive. It has been one of the most listened to tracks on our list. This song should be remembered among the songs about ginger with both its lyrics and its clip.

Rema – Ginger Me

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This fun rap song, released 3 years ago, also has a very popular clip. Rema’s song Ginger Me has received more than 40 million streams on digital music platforms.

Hale & Pace – The Ginger Song

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This song, which was released 14 years ago and went viral on Youtube, is actually a comedy sketch. Everyone will burst into laughter when Hale & Pace performs The Ginger Song. This track should be remembered among the songs about ginger with both its lyrics and its clip.

Ajebutter22 – Ginger You

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Ajebutter22, one of the new era rap artists, has just released his song Ginger You. The lyrics of the young rapper’s song Ginger You have very cleverly equipped verses. This song should be counted among the songs about ginger with both its lyrics and its clip.

Melanie Martinez – Gingerbread Man

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The song Gingerbread Man, which was released 7 years ago, was very popular. It has approached the success of 50 million streams on digital music platforms. Successful musician should be on your playlist with the unique vocal of Melanie Martinez. This song should definitely be counted among the songs about ginger.

Frankie Avalon – Gingerbread

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Here is the oldest example of our songs about ginger list. Published in 1958, Gingerbread is one of the Frankie Avalon classics. It should be on Gingerbread playlists with Avalon’s unforgettable vocals. This song should also be counted as a great example of songs about ginger.

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