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Deers have been a symbol of beauty, freedom, and the wonders of the wild. In our exploration of songs about deer, we delve into a curated selection of musical compositions that pay homage to these majestic animals. From Christian songs to metal tracks, there are a wide range of songs about deer.

From metaphors for love and longing to powerful symbols of nature’s grandeur, these songs capture the essence of deer in all their enchanting glory, offering listeners a unique perspective on both the animal kingdom and the creative process of songwriting. Here are various examples of songs with deer in the title:

Owl City – Deer In The Headlights

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In this song, Young explores themes of emotional vulnerability and the uncertainty of love, using the metaphor of a deer caught in the headlights to depict feelings of confusion and being lost. It is one of the most iconic songs with deer in the lyrics.

“Deer In The Headlights” is a track by Owl City, featured on the 2011 album “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” Owl City, the electronic/synth-pop project of Adam Young, is known for its dreamy and whimsical sound.

System of a Down – Deer Dance

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“Deer Dance” touches on themes of societal unrest and protest, with the “deer dance” metaphorically representing chaotic and turbulent situations.

“Deer Dance” is a song by the alternative metal band System of a Down, released on their critically acclaimed 2001 album “Toxicity.” System of a Down is renowned for their heavy guitar riffs and thought-provoking lyrics. This song can be remembered as the most popular one among songs about deer.

Goldfrapp – Deer Stop

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This song delves into themes of longing and desire, with the “deer” symbolizing an elusive object of affection. “Felt Mountain” helped establish Goldfrapp’s reputation as a unique electronic music act.

“Deer Stop” is a track from Goldfrapp’s debut album, “Felt Mountain,” released in 2000. Goldfrapp is known for its ethereal and atmospheric sound.  This rap track brings different air to our list.

Bryan Bowers – Dem Deer

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This track, with 3 different vocals and different local instruments, is one of the most original tracks on our list. Bryan Bowers is an American autoharp player. He named this officially released song Dem Deer. We can remember this original piece among songs about deer.

Sia – Deer in Headlights

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“Deer in Headlights” is a song by the Australian singer Sia, featured on her 2010 album “We Are Born.” Sia’s powerful vocals are accompanied by a pop-rock sound in this track.

The lyrics express a sense of vulnerability and feeling exposed in a relationship, akin to a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. This track is one of the most popular songs about deer.

ANBR – Adrián Berengue-Deer

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We continue with Deer, the only classic species example on our list. “Deer” track is a kind of instrumental artwork. It will be a very suitable background music for the moments when you are reading. Since the composer named this song Deer, it is a suitable song for the songs about deer list.

Kidipedes Children Nursery Rhymes – Doe A Deer

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“Doe A Deer” is a well-known children’s nursery rhyme and song, commonly associated with teaching the musical scale. It’s often used to help children learn the basics of music and singing.

As in almost all music lists, the most listened to songs in the songs about deer list are special songs published for children. Thanks to the energetic children’s song called Doe A Deer, your children will meet the animal deer and have a lot of fun.

Animal Songs – Deer Trapped on Ice

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We are at the most ridiculous song of the songs with deer in the title list: Deer Trapped on Ice. This song, which is only available on YouTube, is a funny song released on the video of a deer trying to stand on ice.

Even though you can not add your playlists, you can enjoy it by watching the clip.

Shemaroo Eternal Grace – As The Deer

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“As The Deer” is a Christian worship song, often associated with worship and praise. It’s based on Psalm 42:1 and is a song of longing for God’s presence and guidance.

The most sacred song on our list, As The Deer, is a Christian classic often performed by choirs. This original work that will soothe your soul contains the analogy of As The Deer in its name.

the Peach Tree Rascals – Deer

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The last track on our list is one of the newest songs on our list. The hip-hop song named Deer was released in 2020 and achieved streaming success of over 500,000.

“Deer” is a song by the musical group The Peach Tree Rascals. The group is known for their genre-blending sound, fusing elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Unfortunately, specific information about this song might not be readily available in my database.

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