Songs About Bears

We’ll discover songs about bears. These friends appear in many songs. We see that different contexts are used in songs where the toy one is usually used. Here are the most beloved songs about bears.

Melanie Martinez – Teddy Bear

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Melanie Martinez, an American musician, actress and director, is best known for her dark yet metaphorical music and fascination with death. Additionally, Melanie Martinez has used her musical talents to raise awareness for child abuse, domestic violence and sex trafficking through musical performances that raise funds and bring attention to these topics.

After winning Season Three of The Voice, she began recording her own material. In 2014 she released her first EP called Dollhouse featuring the Gold-certified single Carousel.

She has continued to evolve as an artist, connecting with listeners on an emotive level while exploring topics often left unsaid in mainstream music. Her devoted fan base – affectionately known as Crybabies – are drawn to her authentic vulnerability, drawing them in and making her one of the standout acts in alternative music today. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about bears.

Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears

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Jazmine Sullivan was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she started singing gospel choirs at an early age. In 2007, she made her national television debut on Showtime at the Apollo and released her debut album Fearless that same year to critical and commercial acclaim; its singles “Need U Bad” and “Bust Your Windows” achieved top spot on music charts.

Fearless was released to critical acclaim, with Rolling Stone, Vulture and FADER all placing Heaux Tales highly on their lists of best albums of 2021. Lions, Tigers & Bears is mentioned among songs about bears.

Red Sovine – Teddy Bear

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Woodrow Wilson Sovine of Charleston, West Virginia–known by his nickname of Red due to his auburn hair–began his country music career at an early age by performing with Johnnie Bailes from the Bailes Brothers as Smiley and Red the Singing Sailors. Soon thereafter he would go on to appear regularly at Louisiana Hayride before moving on to Grand Ole Opry performances.

As CB radio became mainstream, Sovine’s truck driving songs quickly captured listeners. His 1965 hit “Giddy-Up Go” detailed a father/son truck stop reunion; it spent six weeks on the country charts. Other hits included ghost story “Phantom 309” and tearjerker stories such as “Teddy Bear”, which described caring truckers fostering disabled children’s relationships.

Sovine’s career skyrocketed when honky tonk legend Webb Pierce took an interest in him and convinced him to join his Wondering Boys band and secure a Decca recording contract – leading to several chart-topping duets with George Jones, including one version of “Why Baby Why” that hit number one on country charts. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs about bears.

Elvis Presley – (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

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Presley holds 149 top ten pop hits in America and 18 at number one, which solidified him as one of rock & roll’s true icons. Additionally, he starred in 31 feature films and two concert film/TV specials which all enjoyed financial success.

He achieved international renown after appearing live on The Ed Sullivan Show, seen by 60 million viewers, on September 9, 1956, where his hip gyrations during Hound Dog and Love Me Tender caused widespread outrage and were later banned below waist level. This work by Elvis is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about bears.

He defined rock ‘n’ roll through his recordings, stage performances and personality; becoming one of the first American performers to become a cultural icon and still inspiring young people today; multiple of his songs were inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Ted Nugent – Fred Bear

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Ted Nugent is best known for his frenetic guitar playing style and energetic live shows, selling over 40 million albums worldwide and drawing huge audiences to his concerts. Away from music, Ted is also an avid hunter and NRA supporter; having appeared on reality TV shows as well as owning numerous hunting-related businesses.

Nugent first launched his career during the late 1960s with his psychedelic-rock band, The Amboy Dukes. Their 1968 release Journey to the Center of the Mind catapulted them to national renown. As members came and went from his band, Nugent continued on his solo path; producing hit records like Cat Scratch Fever.

Through the 1990s, Nugent released new albums, such as 1995’s stripped-back Spirit of the Wild. He also hosted a regular television program showcasing his outdoor skills. This track is considered as one of songs about bears.

Henry Hall & His Orchestra – The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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Henry Hall had an early and slow start in his musical career; however, eventually becoming engaged by London Midland and Scottish Railway to manage music throughout their network of hotels including Gleneagles Hotel.

Henry also served as regular bandleader on Radiolympia (above), appearing on lacquer/metal disc to perform an opening medley and the tune Memphis By Morning. Henry continued this role throughout World War II by broadcasting Guest Night to troops overseas while performing alongside such artists as Gracie Fields and Noel Coward. The Teddy Bear’s Picnic is the striking example of the songs about bears.

Johnny Preston – Running Bear

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After winning an AAU tournament, Preston caught the attention of college coaches and enrolled at UCF with plans of majoring in journalism – however his passion for basketball took precedence and he dropped out to pursue pro careers instead.

Preston began singing locally before touring with The Shades. J. P. Richardson brought Preston to Mercury Records’ notice and booked him to record Running Bear in Houston that same year.

Preston released “Big Bopper’s Funeral Song” following Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens’ untimely deaths in a February 1959 plane crash, becoming a top-10 hit upon its release. However, his subsequent country records weren’t as successful and eventually he resurfaced on oldies circuits where he occasionally performed.

Diana Williams – Teddy Bears Last Ride

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Diana Williams got her start in television production by working at a small town TV network before heading off to New York City in 1991, becoming an anchor and reporter at WABC-TV’s 11 pm newscast, Eyewitness News. Within one year of joining WABC-TV she became one of its co-anchors on its 11 pm newscast and its flagship ‘Eyewitness News’ program.

She currently resides in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband. In addition to running Grove Park Dancrettes dance program for high school students, she takes pride in matching outfits to suit herself “to slay”. This track can be listed as one of songs with bears in the title.

Williams is an award-winning producer and founder of Kinetic Energy Entertainment, a multi-media IP development and production company. She has held positions as creative development/franchise producer within the Star Wars universe as well as sitting on Future of Film Advisory Board aimed at supporting underrepresented storytellers (Future of Film Diverso). Furthermore, she currently serves on the Interactive Board of Jurors of Peabody Awards Interactive Board Jurors. This song is one of the most original songs about bears.

Barbara Fairchild – The Teddy Bear

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Barbara Fairchild is best-known for her 1973 country hit “The Teddy Bear Song.” She began performing and singing from an early age – even recording her first single at just 15!

She found fame during the 70s with several hit recordings and still performs at her restaurant in Branson, Missouri today.

Ryan speaks to her about her music career, family life and more in this episode, featuring a special appearance by world renowned Platters.

Fairchild took her last bow as Bon Appetit editor-in-chief this past November after being relocated from Los Angeles to New York, sharing many delectable tales through monthly columns, cookbooks, public speaking engagements and consulting work for Bon Appetit as well as contributing to the James Beard Foundation. This track is one of the most popular songs about bears.

The Antlers – Bear

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Peter Silberman’s solo project Peter Sam morphed into The Antlers after moving to Brooklyn, New York in 2006. Following several self-recorded albums (Uprooted, The February Tape, In the Attic of the Universe and Cold War; all recorded without prior arrangements or planning) recorded in kamikaze fashion before eventually releasing Hospice, an ambitious narrative depicting an emotionally abusive relationship that garnered critical acclaim. Among songs about bears, it would be impossible not to mention this song by The Antlers.

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