Sexual Rock Songs

Our Sexual Rock Songs playlist can feature a mix of songs from various rock subgenres that explore themes of desire, passion, and sensuality.

These songs often contain suggestive lyrics, sultry rhythms, and alluring melodies, making them perfect for setting a mood or expressing romantic sentiments. Here’s a diverse selection of sexual rock songs that might fit into such this playlist:

Kiss – Ladies Room

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When we consider sexual rock songs, this classical rock song firstly remembered now. Featured on Kisss album Rock and Roll Over released in 1976, Ladies Room embodies the bands trademark energetic rock sound. The song reflects themes of flirtation, bravado, and the rock n roll lifestyle.

Its an upbeat and catchy track that captures the bands playful attitude as they sing about the excitement and anticipation of meeting someone in the ladies room. The lyrics exude a sense of rebellious fun, encapsulating the carefree spirit of rock music in the 1970s.

The Cramps – Mama Oo Pow Pow

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Mama Oo Pow Pow by The Cramps, featured on the album Look Mom No Head! released in 1991, exudes the bands signature psychobilly and punk-infused sound. The songs theme leans toward kitschy fun and playful chaos. Its lyrics, delivered with raw energy, blend absurdity and rebellion, showcasing The Cramps unconventional approach to music.

Mama Oo Pow Pow stands as a testament to the bands unique style and their ability to blend dark humor with a distorted, edgy musical backdrop.

Van Halen – Hot for Teacher

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Another beloved track among sexual rock songs is Hot for Teacher. Appearing on Van Halens album 1984 released in, well, 1984, Hot for Teacher is a high-octane rock anthem that captures themes of teenage hormones, schoolboy fantasies, and rebellious energy. The songs lyrics, coupled with Eddie Van Halens electrifying guitar riffs and David Lee Roths dynamic vocals, express the excitement and infatuation that a student feels for his attractive teacher.

Its a bold and lively track that embodies the carefree spirit and exuberance of youth.

The Tubes – Mondo Bondage

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Mondo Bondage by The Tubes is a track featured on the album The Tubes released in 1975. The song delves into themes of sexual liberation, taboo, and societal constraints. Its lyrics offer a satirical take on the concept of bondage, both literal and metaphorical, exploring the idea of freedom from societal norms.

The songs eclectic blend of rock, theatricality, and social commentary showcases The Tubes knack for combining provocative themes with a vibrant musical style.

Motley Crue – Tonight (We Need a Lover)

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We cannot skip this track when we announce sexual rock songs. Included in Motley Crues album Too Fast for Love released in 1981, Tonight (We Need a Lover) encapsulates the bands glam metal aesthetic and rebellious spirit. The song embodies themes of hedonism, youthful rebellion, and the pursuit of excitement.

With its catchy hooks and raw energy, the lyrics express a longing for thrill and adventure, reflecting the bands early days of rock n roll excess and the pursuit of passionate encounters.

Eddie Money – Shakin

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Found on Eddie Moneys album No Control released in 1982, Shakin is a lively rock track that embodies the carefree spirit of the early 80s. The song encapsulates themes of excitement, youthful exuberance, and the thrill of the night. Its lyrics convey the anticipation and adrenaline rush of a night out, amplified by Moneys infectious vocals and the upbeat rhythm.

Shakin stands as an anthem of revelry, capturing the vibrant energy of the era.

X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!

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If you seek out an example of sexual rock songs, this old song can be remembered now. Released as a single by X-Ray Spex in 1977, Oh Bondage Up Yours! is a punk rock anthem that challenges societal norms and gender roles. The song confronts themes of rebellion, feminist empowerment, and breaking free from societal constraints.

With Poly Styrenes fierce vocals and the bands raw energy, Oh Bondage Up Yours! became an iconic protest anthem, critiquing the limitations imposed on women and advocating for liberation.

Frank Zappa – Penguin in Bondage

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Featured on Frank Zappas album Roxy & Elsewhere released in 1974, Penguin in Bondage is a satirical and musically complex track. The songs lyrics blend Zappas signature humor with social commentary, exploring themes of sexual freedom, absurdity, and the commodification of desires.

Musically intricate and irreverent, Penguin in Bondage showcases Zappas avant-garde style and his knack for pushing musical boundaries.

The Go-Gos – Fun with Ropes

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Fun with Ropes is a track by The Go-Gos, initially recorded during the sessions for their album Beauty and the Beat in 1981 but remained unreleased until their retrospective Return to the Valley of The Go-Gos.

The song captures the bands punk-influenced sound and reflects themes of defiance, independence, and breaking away from conformity. Fun with Ropes showcases The Go-Gos energetic and rebellious spirit.

Roxy Music – In Every Dream Home a Heartache

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The last song of our list of sexual rock songs is here. From Roxy Musics album For Your Pleasure released in 1973, In Every Dream Home a Heartache is a haunting and melancholic track that touches upon themes of consumerism, emptiness, and the hollowness of materialism.

Its lyrics depict the shallowness of luxury and the emotional vacuum within a materialistic world, wrapped in Roxy Musics atmospheric and emotive musical style.

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