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Coffee has been the subject of many songs. There are a wide variety of songs about coffee samples, from metal to hip-hop songs. We have compiled the most original and popular songs about coffee for you. Here is a delicious musical journey:

MC Lyte – Cappuccino

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MC Lyte is the beloved creator of countless hip-hop songs. It takes the first place on our list with its song called Cappuccino. With its high energy and fun lyrics, MC Lyte’s Cappuccino should definitely be on your playlists. “Cappuccino was fly, but too fly for me/ Why, oh why did I need cappuccino?” with his words.This song is one of the most original songs about coffee.

Blur – Coffee & TV

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We should definitely remember the song named Coffee & Tv by Blur, which publishes popular songs in the rock and alternative pop genre, on our list. The song “Coffee & Tv”, which has lyrics about simple and everyday habits, has a chorus that you will love. This work by Blur is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about coffee.

Skid Row – Slave To The Grind

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While Skid Row’s song Slave To The Grind doesn’t directly include the word coffee, it does include coffee-related themes. That’s why we should remember this high energy song on our songs about coffee lists. American rock band Skid Row has revealed a social criticism with the song Slave To The Grind. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about coffee.

Foy Vance – Percolate

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Irish musician Foy Vance should be on our list with the lyrics “Until that day, it seems my fate/ Is to watch the coffee percolate/ And drink it in this dark and dusty room”. The song Percolate makes the coffee theme feel intense.

Squeeze – Black Coffee in Bed

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Famous musician Squeeze’s song Black Coffee in Bed is on our list with its emotional lyrics and melancholic atmosphere. The fact that it is full of motivation to stand up despite the bad days also made the song popular. Published in the 80s, this song is also one of the oldest songs on our list. This track is one of the most popular songs about coffee.

All Saints – Black Coffee

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All Saints’ Black Coffee song should also be on our list. As it is known, All Saints is a girl band founded in England. Many of the band’s songs are very popular. However, Black Coffee is one of the most popular of these songs. Black Coffee must be added to the list of songs about coffee!

Donny Benét – Cappuccino

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Donny Benet, who appeared in front of his fans with his Le Piano album in 2022, added his entertaining song Cappucino to this album. The song contains inspirations from the funky genre. It cannot be possible that Capucciona would not be remembered among songs about coffee.

Cream – Strange Brew

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British rock band Cream released their single, Strange Brew, in 1967. Then the song Strange Brew was added to their album Disraeli Gears. In fact, this recording of the song features Eric Clapton on vocals. With its name including “Brew”, this track should be added to the list of songs about coffee.

Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot

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American rock band Filter released their song Hey Man, Nice Shot in 1995. Both the lyrics and the video clip of the song are very popular. It should be on our list with coffee-themed lyrics. If you want to one more shot a coffee, you can listen to this song with other songs about coffee.

The Ink Spots – Java Jive

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Java Jive is the oldest one among songs about coffee. The classic Java Jive, recorded in the 40s, is also the last song on our list of coffee-themed songs. “I love coffee, I love tea/ I love the java jive and it loves me,” is a must in this classic list where you will feel the coffee theme intensely with the lyrics.

Bob Marley and The Wailers – One Cup of Coffee

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Let’s dive into a classic example of songs about coffee now. “One Cup of Coffee” is a song performed by Bob Marley and The Wailers. It was originally written by Bob Marley and released in the early 1960s. The song reflects themes of heartache and lost love, set to a reggae rhythm characteristic of Marley’s early works.

Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee

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Bob Dylan has to be remembered among our list. “One More Cup of Coffee” is a song by Bob Dylan. It was featured on his album “Desire,” released in 1976. The song has a haunting and poetic quality, with lyrics that paint vivid imagery and tell a story about love and departure. It’s known for its distinctive melody and atmospheric feel.

In “One More Cup of Coffee,” Dylan weaves a narrative that revolves around a relationship that is coming to an end. The song’s atmospheric quality is enhanced by its melody and instrumentation, which incorporates elements of folk, rock, and Eastern European music, creating a unique and captivating sonic landscape.

Ella Ftizgerald – Black Coffee

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We can announce this classic jazz standard, originally written by Sonny Burke and Paul Francis Webster, has been covered by various artists. Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition is particularly famous and captures the essence of enjoying black coffee while reflecting on lost love.

Otis Redding – Cigarettes and Coffee

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While the title includes “Coffee,” the song is more about the emotional connection between two people. Otis Redding’s soulful voice narrates a late-night conversation over cigarettes and coffee, exploring feelings and memories.

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