Jonathan Flint

Jonathan is a DJ with years of experience in the field. He has been creating and playing music his entire life, but he really found his passion for DJ when he was introduced to Logic Pro at age 10.
  • PlaylistDisney Love Songs

    Disney Love Songs

    We’ve compiled Disney love songs for you from many movies. Featuring iconic melodies and heartwarming lyrics from beloved Disney classics,…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Desire

    Songs About Desire

    Songs about desire capture the fervor, longing, and intensity that accompany passionate yearning. Spanning genres and eras, these songs delve…

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  • RockU2 Love Songs

    U2 Love Songs

    U2, an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 1976, stands as one of the most influential and successful rock…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Corruption

    Songs About Corruption

    Songs about corruption delve into the darker facets of society, shining a spotlight on themes of dishonesty, abuse of power,…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Complicated Love

    Songs About Complicated Love

    Songs about complicated love delve into the intricate and tumultuous aspects of romantic relationships, exploring the complexities, conflicts, and emotions…

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  • PlaylistSongs With 50 In The Title

    Songs With 50 In The Title

    The number 50 appears in the titles of songs from many different genres. We have compiled the most popular songs…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Enlightenment

    Songs About Enlightenment

    The concept of enlightenment appears in the lyrics of countless songs. Especially in the art world, enlightenment is a concept…

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  • PlaylistFuck You Songs

    Fuck You Songs

    Sometimes you may need to listen some fuck you songs. In such moods, you can come to this playlist. We…

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  • ArtistsBTS Love Songs

    BTS Love Songs

    BTS, the South Korean global sensation, has captivated audiences worldwide with their infectious music, electrifying performances, and heartfelt lyrics. While…

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  • RockThe Beatles Love Songs

    The Beatles Love Songs

    Our list of The Beatles love songs is a celebration of the iconic British band’s profound ability to capture the…

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