Songs With Day In The Title

Here is a great playlist for those who seek out the best examples of songs with day in title. Songs with ‘Day’ in their title encompass a diverse spectrum of musical expressions, each capturing unique moments, emotions, and experiences associated with the passing of time.

From anthems of hope and resilience to reflections on love, struggle, and the essence of life, these songs weave narratives that revolve around the concept of ‘day.’ Here is the various beloved songs with day in title:

The Monkees – Daydream Believer

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We can start our list with The Monkees’s beloved hit named Daydream Believer.  Daydream Believer by The Monkees, released in 1967, is a cheerful and melodic pop-rock track that captures the innocence of youthful daydreams.

The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus express a sense of optimism and escapism, celebrating the joy found in reveries and hopeful aspirations.

Matt And Kim – Daylight

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Daylight can be listed among songs with day in title. Daylight by Matt and Kim, released in 2008, is an indie-pop anthem known for its infectious energy and feel-good vibes. The song’s upbeat rhythm and catchy melody exude a carefree spirit, embodying a sense of freedom and spontaneity.

Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming

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Let’s go back to the 70’s with Aretha Franklin. Day Dreaming by Aretha Franklin, released in 1972, is a soulful R&B classic showcasing Franklin’s powerful vocals and emotive delivery. The song’s smooth melodies and heartfelt lyrics convey a dreamy and introspective mood, exploring the sensations of romantic yearning and imagination.

Movements – Daylily

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This original song can be remembered among songs with day in title. Daylily by Movements, released in 2016, is an emo/alternative rock song that deals with themes of support and reassurance during times of emotional turmoil.

The song’s raw lyrics and emotional depth express comfort and encouragement, offering solace to someone struggling with mental health challenges.

Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Night (nightmare)

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Day ‘N’ Night (nightmare) by Kid Cudi, released in 2008, is a hip-hop track reflecting on the struggles of loneliness and insomnia. The song’s haunting beats and introspective lyrics portray the internal conflicts and haunting thoughts that accompany sleepless nights, capturing the duality of day and night experiences.

It can be remembered with following chorus of it:
“’Cause day and night (day and night),
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night (night)
He’s all alone through the day and night (day and night),The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)
Day and night (day and night),
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night (night)
He’s all alone, some things will never change (yeah, never change),The lonely loner seems to free his mind (yeah) at night

Vacations – Day Dreamin’

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Another example of songs with day in title came from Vacations. Day Dreamin’ by Vacations, released in 2016, is a dreamy indie-pop track that immerses listeners in a hazy, nostalgic atmosphere. The song’s laid-back melodies and whimsical lyrics evoke a sense of wandering thoughts and gentle escapism.

Harry Styles – Daylight

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Daylight by Harry Styles, released in 2019, is a reflective and serene pop-rock track. The song’s introspective lyrics and soothing melody offer a contemplative journey through self-discovery and personal growth, capturing a sense of tranquility and acceptance.

Lily Meola – Daydream

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Daydream by Lily Meola, released in 2013, is a soulful folk-pop song that embodies a sense of wistfulness and imagination. The song’s heartfelt vocals and serene instrumentation create a serene and introspective ambiance, inviting listeners into a world of contemplation and gentle reverie.

Lily Meola’s great hit can be announced on the list of songs with day in title.

Taylor Swift – Daylight

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Daylight by Taylor Swift, released in 2019, is an introspective pop track from her album Lover. The song’s hopeful and romantic lyrics, coupled with a melodious tune, encapsulate a sense of maturity, growth, and finding solace in a loving relationship.

Here is the great chorus that proving the Taylor Swift’s  talent in writing lyrics:
I don’t wanna look at anything else now that I saw you
(I can never look away)
I don’t wanna think of anything else now that I thought of you
(Things will never be the same)
I’ve been sleeping so long in a 20-year dark night
(Now I’m wide awake)
And now I see daylight (I see daylight), I only see daylight (Ah)
I only see daylight, daylight, daylight, daylight

Ariana Grande – Daydreamin’

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The last example of our list of songs with day in title came from Ariana Grande. Daydreamin’ by Ariana Grande, released in 2013, is a playful and bubbly pop song that infuses elements of R&B. The track’s upbeat tempo and catchy melodies radiate joy and whimsy, expressing the excitement and anticipation of young love and infatuation.

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