Songs With 24 In The Title

The number 24 has been used in the lyrics or titles of many songs. There are many examples of songs with 24 in the title, ranging from lively and energetic pop songs to more emotional songs. We have compiled the most popular songs for you among the songs with twenty four in the title.

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

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We start our list of songs with 24 in the title with Bruno Mars, one of the most popular singers of today. The successful singer released his song 24K Magic in 2016. The song is still one of the most frequently chosen songs at many parties and fun evenings. It will make you dance with the singer’s high energy vocals.

Jason Isbell – 24 Frames

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The folk rock example of our songs with 24 in the title list comes from Jason Isbell. There is a clever metaphor in the lyrics of his song 24 Frames. We recommend it to be in your playlists with its unique energy.

Kehlani – 24/7

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Kehlani’s 24/7 song, which usually broadcasts popular examples of the R&B genre, is also one of the most popular songs with 24 in the title. This song, released in 2017, has both impressive vocals and unforgettable lyrics.

Joy Division – 24 Hours

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We continue our list of songs with 24 in the title with a song from the punk genre. Joy Division’s song 24 Hours will increase the energy of your playlists. The lyrics of the song 24 Hours describe the perception that a day is both too short and too long.

Meek Mill feat. Ella Mai – 24/7

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Nowadays, songs in the hip-hop genre are very popular. Meek Mill and Ella Mai’s song 24/7, released in 2018, is also among these trends. The song describes toxic and exhausting relationships today. It is one of the most original songs among the songs with 24 in the title.

The Maine – 24 Floors

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The Maine is a band that releases alternative rock songs. One of the band’s most popular songs is 24 Floors. The song is a typical “The Maine” track, both with its lyrics and melody. Among the songs with 24 in the title, we should also remember The Maine’s song 24 Floors.

Jem – 24

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We continue with one of the songs with the shortest title in our songs with 24 in the title list. Jem’s song 24 contains touches of electronic and pop genres. The song achieved success on digital music platforms.

SwitchFoot – Twenty Four

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SwitchFoot’s song Twenty Four, which includes the theme of being 24 years old, is one of the most popular songs with 24 in the title.. The song was one of the highlights of the album they released in 2013.

Red House Painters – 24

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Red House Painters expressed what it feels like to be 24 years old in their song 24. The song Red House Painters, which is one of the most original among the songs with 24 in the title, should definitely be added to the playlists.

Game Theory – 24

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Their song 24, which expresses the feelings of a 24-year-old woman with emotional lyrics, is one of Game Theory’s popular hits. This old song comes last in our list of songs with 24 in the title. Game Theory released this track in 1985.

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