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The number 23 is used in different contexts in the lyrics of many songs. For example, some songs use the number 23 to express the 23rd age, while others use it as a degree of warmth. There are countless examples of songs with twenty three in the title, from hip hop songs to metal songs. Here are the most popular songs we have compiled for you with 23 in the title:

God Lives Underwater – 23

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God Lives Underwater’s song 23 is at the top of the songs with 23 in the title list. When we listen carefully to the lyrics of the song, we realize that the difficulties experienced by a young person who has turned 23 are expressed emotionally. These sad words will take you back to when you were 23 years old.

Tori Amos – Heart Attack At 23

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Heart Attack at 23 is one of the songs with the most interesting name on our songs with 23 in the title list. This emotional song by Tori Amos tells the story of a woman he is obsessively in love with in his own unique way. Listen to Tori Amos and add Heart Attack at 23 to your playlists to forget that woman or man you haven’t forgotten for a long time.

Shakira – 23

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We must be wrong if we say that Shakira, one of the most popular singers of all time, is the most popular of our songs with 23 in the title list. His song 23, like other songs with 23 in the title, is about the difficulties of being 23 years old. Listening to this unique song from Shakira’s impressive vocals is a unique experience.

Yellowcard – Twenty Three

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One of the 23-themed songs of our songs with 23 in the title list comes from Yellowcard. Containing emotional themes such as relationships and breakups, this song will definitely bring sadness to your playlists. Some melancholy evenings might be perfect for listening to Yellowcard’s Twenty Three.

Jimmy Eat World – 23

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Jimmy Eat World is on our songs with 23 in the title list with its song 23, which has ironic lyrics. Jimmy Eat World’s unique style will impress you greatly. Jimmy Eat World explains that some problems are even bigger when we are younger.

Butthole Surfers – 22 Going On 23

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One of the best songs about the anxieties and excitement of the transition from age 22 to age 23 is Butthole Surfers’ “22 Going On 23”. You will find the story of a woman struggling with the difficult days in her past life in the song 22 Going on 23. This track is one of the most dramatic ones among songs with 23 in the title.

Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made-it, Wiz Khalifa – 23

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Miley Cyrus, one of today’s most popular singers, and popular hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa came together for the song 23. This song managed to be at the top of the music lists when it was released. 23 is an original song with a narrative narrative. It can be said that this track is one of the most popular among songs with 23 in the title.

The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23

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One of the oldest songs among the songs with 23 in the title is Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson. The Brother Johnson should definitely be mentioned with his classic and respected songs.

fiN – Twenty Three

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One of the most popular alternative rock songs on our list of songs with 23 in the title is fiN’s single Twent Three. Like other examples in our song list, it includes themes such as bilateral relations, difficulties and separations at the age of 23.

Billy Currington – 23 Degrees South

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23 Degrees South, a country song released in 2005, will raise your energy. It will be a great choice for your romantic and happy summer evenings. It is counted among the most popular songs with twenty three in the title.

We continue with an example from the country genre in the list of songs with 23 in the title. The song 23 Degrees South has a great vibe to listen to on the beach on summer evenings. This unforgettable song by the successful musician Billy Cuyrrington ranks last on his list.

Wallice – 23

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The other example of songs with 23 in the title came from Wallice. This Wallice’s new song “23,” she walks us through her own journey of becoming a grown-up, hoping that when she turns 23, things will all fall into place. The first verse exemplifies what so many early 20-somethings deal with—feeling stuck in your past, within a mundane routine, after moving home after college.

She sings, “I’m terrified of the future / Scared that I’ll still be a loser,” expressing the anxiety that occurs during life’s transitional periods. When we reach the chorus we hear Wallice singing about missing her late teen years and her fake ID, while debating if she should trade her dreams for a traditional future.

Chayce Beckham – 23

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This next song packs an emotional punch and will undoubtedly have a strong effect on a lot of listeners out there. Alcoholism, unfortunately, is more common than we may like to admit, and it has affected or will affect millions of people, either directly or indirectly in the song 23.

Specifically, Chayce tells a self-loathing and regrettable account of his past struggles with alcohol and how his decisions and behaviors cost him a long-term relationship. It’s a song that can be hard to hear and difficult to admit, but it is utterly relatable to a lot of us. And he is able to sing the profound lyrics with such raw emotion, which puts the end result over the top.

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