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We are going to explore songs with 14 in the title with examples from different music genres. The number 14 is sometimes found in lyrics and sometimes in the titles. Although it is used for different purposes in various contexts, we have listed the ones that should be on your playlist. Just like songs with 13 in the title, there are various examples from different music genres.

Bryson Tiller – Ten Nine Fourteen

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After uploading several tracks that amassed millions of plays on SoundCloud, Kentucky-born Bryson Tiller unveiled his debut full-length album T R A P S O U L on October 2, 2018. Tiller’s music has been described as “rap soul.” This genre-defying genre blends elements of Trap and R&B with spacey beats to let his vocals stand out. In his song titled “Ten Nine Fourteen,” which commemorates the date of his debut release, Tiller talks about his rise up. This work by Bryson Tiller is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs with 14 in the title.

Midland – Fourteen Gears

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Double Grammy nominated from Dripping Springs, Texas and known for their post-Urban Cowboy/neo traditionalist sound, Dripping Springs Band add a unique sound to country music with Let It Roll from their sophomore album. Here’s an excellent example of that unique blend! A stripped down version of an earlier fan favorite, this rendition shows what Midland could achieve without Songwriting/Producing duo Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Unfortunately, however, this rendition wasn’t selected as part of their debut record release. This track is one of the most popular songs with 14 in the title. 

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

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Aphex Twin’s trademark electronic music can often be intimidating and inaccessible for some audiences, and his 2001 album Drukqs included Avril 14th as an introspective keyboard piece. James credits this song with opening him up to genres such as electro-acoustic and modern classical music, with its austere qualities infusing it with human warmth while remaining technically precise. James has an extraordinary and convoluted past that distinguishes Avril 14th from other songs in his discography. This song is one of the most original songs with 14 in the title.

Drake – March 14

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Songs about 14 are often about being 14, an age when children begin coming into their own and developing independence, yet can also be hazardous. Drake’s song March 14 references the birth of Adonis. It is thought that Brussaux was 3 1/2 months pregnant at the time she informed Drake of their child’s conception in January 2017.

Six Feet Under is the depth at which caskets are often buried underground and this song uses this number as a euphemism for death. A dramatic track that will surely provoke thought! Among songs with 14 in the title, it would be impossible not to mention this song by Drake.

Shivaree – John 2/14

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A truly captivating musical composition that captures both darkness and beauty in a remarkable way. It’s the creation of the incredibly talented artist Shivaree, who has crafted a truly mesmerizing piece that draws you into a world filled with mystery and emotion.

Through enchanting melodies, poignant lyrics, and haunting vocals, “Shivaree – John 2/14” takes you on a profound journey through the depths of love, longing, and the complexities of being human. Prepare to be captivated by Shivaree’s unique fusion of folk, pop, and blues that creates an irresistible spell, leaving a lasting impression even after the final note has gently faded away.

Gene Watson – Fourteen Carat Mind

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Gene Watson remained one of the top ten hitmakers throughout his career despite changing labels several times, and this collection includes his hits from both MCA and Capitol records. Watson’s songs from various years communicate and play off each other beautifully, reflecting his concerns over money in “Where Love Begins”, then romanticizes an idealized paper rose seller in his soft waltz “Paper Rosie”.

Nashville session pros like drummer Eddy Anderson and fiddle player Aubrey Haynie help ensure these re-recordings sound as fresh and authentic as the original recordings even though they’re copies note for note.This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs with fourteen in the title.

Rufus Wainwright – 14th Street

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Rufus Wainwright is the son of folk singer Loudon Wainwright and Kate McGarrigle and brother to Martha; his career began playing Montreal club circuit before being discovered by Lenny Waronker from DreamWorks Records who signed and released Rufus’ self-titled debut in 1998. This album’s songs are an ode to The Great American Songbook. Most are acoustic with many having an almost cathedral sound; Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is revisited beautifully moving.

Guns N’ Roses – 14 Years

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Axl Rose may be best known for his hard-hitting rock songs, but he can also craft some romantic love ballads – and this track from GN’R’s Ocean Avenue album stands out as one of their best examples. Shannon Hoon adds some beautiful vocals before Blind Melon makes their appearance, and Duff McKagan provides some solid bass work.

This song describes an eternal love that endures throughout the years and was an instantaneous hit among both fans and band. However, 14 years would pass before they released their second album Chinese Democracy. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs with 14 in the title.

LIL GOLU – 13 14

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If you are a music lover who likes to listen to rap songs in different languages, this fun song by LIL GOLU will be a very suitable choice. LIL GOLU is from India and is one of the rare people who produce rap songs in Indian language.

The song “13 14”, released 3 years ago, is one of the popular examples of the modern rap genre. The song, broadcast on GrapeWine Music channel, has been streamed nearly 3 million times. In the entertainingly created clip, we see LIL GOLU presenting a newsletter and partying.

Numberblocks – Fourteen

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Numberblocks channel, which has more than 7 million subscribers on the YouTube platform, is a successful channel that broadcasts educational and entertaining content to children. There are dozens of different educational songs on this channel. The song Fourteen aims to teach the number “14” to children with its entertaining animation clip.

If you are seeking content to teach children how to count, we recommend the Numberblocks channel. Your children will never forget the number 14 in the song Fourteen, which is one of the most watched songs on our list with more than 2 million views. If you liked this music exploration, you might also like songs with 4.

Reezy – 14 Passengers

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Here is another great example of songs with 14 in the title that came from Germany. “14 Passengers” is a song by German rapper Reezy. The track is part of his discography and was released as part of his music projects or albums.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Reezy, a prominent figure in the German hip-hop scene, has released several songs and projects that have gained recognition.

Feid – 14 De Febrero

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We can explore an original track among songs with 14 in the title by checking out Colombia. “14 de Febrero” is a song by the Colombian singer-songwriter Feid. Released in 2020, the track revolves around the theme of love and relationships, as the title translates to “February 14th,” referencing Valentine’s Day.

In “14 de Febrero,” Feid explores themes of romance, expressing affection, and the emotions associated with love, particularly on a day dedicated to celebrating romantic relationships. The song blends elements of reggaeton and Latin pop, characteristic of Feid’s musical style, and its lyrics focus on love, passion, and the special moments shared between couples.

With its catchy rhythm and romantic lyrics, “14 de Febrero” became a popular choice among listeners, especially during Valentine’s Day celebrations, due to its thematic relevance and its appeal as a love-themed song in Feid’s repertoire.

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