Songs That Start With W

We have compiled the best and most cult examples for music lovers who are curious about the songs that start with w examples. These ‘W’-initialed compositions traverse themes of love, empowerment, societal reflections, and personal introspection.

Whether it’s the spirited rallying cry of unity in Wannabe by Spice Girls or the introspective longing portrayed in U2’s With or Without You, these songs navigate the landscape of human emotions, offering a varied tapestry of rhythms and messages that resonate profoundly with diverse audiences.

Here are examples of songs that start with w that reflect different spirits from different years.

Oasis – Wonderwall

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Released in 1995 as part of the album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, Wonderwall by Oasis became an emblematic anthem of the Britpop era. The song resonates with themes of love, yearning, and emotional vulnerability, capturing the essence of a heartfelt ballad that became a defining track of the 1990s music scene.

“Wonderwall” became a massive commercial success, reaching high chart positions worldwide. It gained immense popularity for its memorable melody, relatable lyrics, and Noel Gallagher’s heartfelt vocal delivery. The song remains a timeless anthem and a defining piece of ’90s Britpop, continuing to resonate with audiences globally and securing its place as one of Oasis’s most beloved and enduring tracks.

Queen – We Will Rock You

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Featured on Queen’s album News of the World released in 1977, We Will Rock You remains an iconic anthem. The song’s powerful stomp-clap rhythm and anthemic chants make it a timeless stadium-rock classic, encouraging unity, empowerment, and collective celebration.

“We Will Rock You” is often paired with another Queen hit, “We Are the Champions,” as they were both released on the same album and are commonly played consecutively due to their connected themes and powerful, anthemic nature. Both songs have become synonymous with triumph, celebration, and the spirit of perseverance. This track is one of the first songs that come to mind as an example of songs that start with w.

U2 – With or Without You

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Part of U2’s album The Joshua Tree released in 1987, With or Without You embodies a hauntingly beautiful ballad exploring themes of love, longing, and the complexities of relationships. The song’s emotive lyrics and ethereal melodies have solidified its place as one of U2’s most poignant tracks.

It wouldn’t be possible to skip this song among the songs that start with w.

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

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Released in 1971 as the title track of Marvin Gaye’s album, What’s Going On served as a poignant social commentary on the tumultuous times of the early 1970s. With themes of social injustice, war, and the quest for peace, the song remains a timeless anthem advocating for change and unity.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

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Released in 2013 as part of the album Bangerz, Wrecking Ball marks a pivotal moment in Miley Cyrus’s career, showcasing a more vulnerable and emotive side. The song navigates themes of heartbreak, vulnerability, and emotional turmoil within relationships, accompanied by a powerful and evocative music video.

The music video for “Wrecking Ball” became a major talking point upon its release, featuring Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball in the nude, which sparked widespread discussions and generated a lot of attention in the media.

Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

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From Harry Styles’ album Fine Line released in 2019, Watermelon Sugar is an upbeat, nostalgic ode to summer romance. The song encapsulates themes of joy, sensuality, and carefree vibes, resonating as a feel-good anthem celebrating the thrill of love and desire.

It is one of the first songs that comes to mind when songs that start with w are mentioned.

Aerosmith – Walk This Way

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Walk This Way is featured on Aerosmith’s album Toys in the Attic released in 1975, Walk This Way is a high-energy rock track that became a defining hit for the band. The song’s infectious rhythm and powerful riffs make it a timeless rock classic, blending themes of rebellion, confidence, and youthful exuberance.

Prince – When Doves Cry

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When Doves Cry was released in 1984 as part of the album Purple Rain, When Doves Cry by Prince challenged conventional song structures. This innovative track delves into themes of love, anguish, and discord within relationships, pushing the boundaries of pop music at the time.

Avicii – Wake Me Up

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Released in 2013 from Avicii’s album True, Wake Me Up fuses electronic dance music with folk and country influences. The song encapsulates themes of self-discovery, adventure, and chasing dreams, creating an uplifting anthem that defies genre boundaries.

“Wake Me Up” became an international sensation, topping music charts in numerous countries and achieving commercial success globally. Its unique fusion of EDM and folk elements made it a standout hit, appealing to a wide audience and earning critical acclaim for its innovation within the electronic music landscape.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

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We continue with our last song on our songs that start with w list. Released in 1996 as part of the album Spice, Wannabe skyrocketed the Spice Girls to global fame. The song’s upbeat and empowering message of female friendship, independence, and assertiveness became an iconic anthem for a generation, marking the emergence of girl power in pop culture.

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