Songs About Witches

Witches have been the subject of many different songs throughout music history. Here are the most popular songs about witches:

Radiohead – Burn The Witch

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Radiohead has achieved unparalleled intimacy between them and their audiences for more than 30 years of performance, pushing boundaries without ever losing touch with what makes their fans tick.

After an extended hiatus between albums, the band reunited in 2007 to record In Rainbows as an online download; customers could choose their own price; it proved highly successful. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about witches. And also don’t forget the check radiohead love songs list.

Hopsin – Witch Doctor

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Born Marcus Jamal Hopson on July 18, 1985 in Panorama City, Los Angeles County of California he is an American rapper, music video director, and actor best known for his white contact lenses and Eminem-like rapping style that have garnered him comparisons. Together with Dame Ritter he founded Funk Volume Records which has released numerous mixtapes and albums since.

He has appeared in various television shows and films, such as Malcolm in the Middle. In 2009, he released his debut studio album Gazing at the Moonlight with Ruthless Records.

Later, he left the label and established Funk Volume Records with Dame Ritter as an independent record company. Since then he has collaborated with various artists, producing music videos for Tech N9ne, Dizzy Wright, Swizz Beatz and Jarren Benton among many others. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs about witches.

Donovan – Season of the Witch

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Donovan was an influential force during the creative surge of the mid-60s. His songs continue to resonate decades after their initial release due to their irresistibly catchy melodies and unusual orchestration.

His music was heavily influenced by jazz, blues, and jug band styles; he introduced instruments like the harpsichord into rock music for the first time. Additionally, he collaborated with numerous artists including Mickie Most and future Led Zeppelin members such as Spike Heatley and John Paul Jones on drums.

Donovan had stopped touring by the late 1980s and spent his decade recording only occasionally, though he produced one album for children (Eco-Song), three compilation albums featuring Linda Lawrence’s songs, and 26 episodes of Tales Of Aluna; an animated show designed to teach kids how to protect the earth. It is considered as one of the songs about witches.

Santana – Black Magic Woman

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Santana first made waves in the late ’60s San Francisco Bay Area music scene through historic concerts at The Fillmore and Woodstock in 1969, followed by their own self-titled debut album being charted among the Top 10. Their electrifying live performances propelled it straight into the Top 10, cementing Santana as one of the iconic bands of its era.

Clive Davis had long been their original producer and mentor; upon returning for their 1998 release Supernatural, these guitarists excelled beyond all expectations by producing an extraordinary blockbuster that featured Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty singing catchy pop lyrics while Carlos Santana provided electric guitar licks that instantly made an impactful statement about themselves as artists. The song “Smooth” became an instant classic.

Santana continues to transcend musical borders, appearing in movies and TV shows while volunteering his talents to charities like Milagro Foundation – which specializes in non-profit programs that support children in need with arts, education and health initiatives.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Burn The Witch

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Josh Homme boasts more bands under his name than most people have teeth. He founded Kyuss and now leads Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures as well as being a prolific collaborator.

Queens of the Stone Age’s debut album, Rated R, released in 2000 established them as an essential band in Palm Desert’s desert rock scene and throughout California’s rock landscape ever since despite several lineup changes.

Recently, their album…Like Clockwork debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and saw collaboration with Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees lead singer and member of grunge movement) who died suddenly at his home in Killarney, Ireland at just 57. Among songs with witch in the title, it would be impossible not to mention this song.

Eagles – Witchy Woman

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Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon formed The Eagles in 1971, quickly becoming one of the most successful bands of that era. Their singles and albums charted at number one.

The band’s debut album was an unqualified success with their hit song “Take It Easy” reaching number three on the charts. Two years later they released Hotel California, also with another success at reaching the same peak position on charts.

After The Eagles disbanded in 1980, each member went their separate ways to pursue solo careers. Joe Walsh joined Ringo Starr’s All-Star Band while still performing with Timothy B Schmit in The James Gang; whilst Timothy B Schmit replaced Meisner on bass.

After their reunion in 1994, Hell Freezes Over was recorded and they have continued touring intermittently ever since. This work by Eagles is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about witches.

AC/DC – Witch’s Spell

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AC/DC are widely considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time, founded by Malcolm and Angus Young and their mammoth power chord roar helped define hard rock during the 70s. Their sixth album Highway to Hell introduced them to international audiences.

AC/DC’s album’s lyrics ranged from lighthearted and comical to central rock themes such as revenge, death, and vengeance – sparking accusations that AC/DC practiced Satanism; specifically that serial killer Night Prowler could have links to AC/DC due to its song, “Night Prowler”. After Bon Scott died in 1980, AC/DC quickly recruited Geordie vocalist Brian Johnson as their replacement singer and has released seven studio albums, as well as remastered versions of classic tracks like Let There Be Rock and Back in Black plus numerous live recordings since. Among songs about witches, it would be impossible not to mention this song by AC/DC.

Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft

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Frank Sinatra was one of the most beloved American artists of the twentieth century. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey and coming of age during the swing era he found great fame performing with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey bands.

But in the mid-fifties he found himself struggling with an increasingly diminished bobbysoxer following. To save himself, he turned to film in From Here to Eternity as a means of reinvention and found an approach that resonated more powerfully with audiences.

Sinatra turned to jazz to rejuvenate his artistry. Recording for Capitol and resuming his swingin’ phase was key; early LPs such as Ring-a-Ding-Ding and Sings Great Songs of the World reveal this change; arrangements by Johnny Mandel and Bub Shank provided more modern musical textures; Sinatra was now showing his musical prowess! It can be listed as one of the songs about witches. And also you can check frank sinatra love songs.

Iron Maiden – Moonchild

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Iron Maiden have become synonymous with heavy metal culture ever since their formation on Christmas Day 1975, delivering their promise of epic bombast, playful darkness and thrilling intrepidity with every live performance they undertake.

Maiden have long pushed the limits of music since their 1980 debut album ‘Murder by Death’ to their 2015 double album ‘The Book Of Souls’; their tireless pursuit of excellence and unrelenting touring have resulted in one of rock music’s largest fan bases worldwide.

Their live shows have become an unforgettable spectacle, featuring special effects and props such as Mayan Eddie on their 2016/17 World Tour that saw them upgrade to their own Boeing 747 jumbo jet, Ed Force One.

Ghost – Witch Image

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Ghost is a software company dedicated to building the next-generation of digital marketplaces with creator economies at its heart. Ghost’s technology enables content creators to develop sustainable subscription businesses while building direct relationships with their audiences directly, changing how people consume media forever.

Ghosts can also be described by words such as specter, wraith and spirit. According to many cultures’ folklore, people are believed to exist both physically and spiritually – the latter of which being immortal. A spirit is considered part of one person but exists independently from physical reality.

Poltergeists are ghostly beings known to cause nuisance behavior such as knocking, slamming doors and switching lights on and off.This is a striking example for the songs about witches.

Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

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We can add this track to the list of songs about witches. Released in 1975 as part of Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album, “Rhiannon” stands as one of the band’s most iconic and mystical tracks. This haunting song weaves an ethereal tale inspired by Welsh mythology, specifically the character of Rhiannon, known for her association with horses and birds in mythology. Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” captures the enigmatic essence of this mythical figure, painting her as a woman of allure and mystery. The song’s enchanting melody and mystical themes evoke an aura of fascination and supernatural intrigue.

With its poetic lyrics and mesmerizing rhythm, “Rhiannon” explores themes of love, freedom, and the supernatural, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that captivates listeners with its allure and mystique.

Jethro Tull – Witch’s Promise

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Jethro Tull’s “Witch’s Promise,” released as a single in 1970 and later included on the “Benefit” album the same year, showcases the band’s knack for folk-rock storytelling. The song spins a poetic tale centered on a mystical encounter, delving into themes of magic and enchantment. Through richly evocative lyrics, “Witch’s Promise” transports listeners into a world of folklore, where a mysterious promise made by a witch unfolds in the protagonist’s reflections.

The song’s folk-rock sound, complemented by its poetic storytelling, creates an atmospheric journey filled with magical imagery and intrigue, offering a glimpse into the realm of mysticism and wonder within Jethro Tull’s musical landscape.

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