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Taking you on a musical exploration with our Song about Thursday playlist, the Thursday theme has inspired a collection of songs that delve into the unique emotions and experiences associated with this special day of the week. From thought-provoking melodies to energizing rhythms, artists have created a wide variety of musical expressions by infusing the essence of Thursday into their compositions.

In the Songs About Thursday list, we examined how musicians captured the mood, reflections and transitions that Thursday represents. If you’re ready to embark on a journey through these songs, each of which tells its own story and contributes to rich musical narratives focusing on Thursdays, let’s get started!

Giles, Giles & Fripp – Thursday Morning

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Among Songs About Thursday, this classical one should be top of our playlist. Giles, Giles & Fripp’s ‘Thursday Morning’ is a psychedelic and whimsical track that hails from their album ‘The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp,’ released in 1968. This early work, featuring Robert Fripp who later co-founded King Crimson, showcases the band’s experimental and eclectic approach to music.

‘Thursday Morning’ is characterized by its playful lyrics, intricate arrangements, and the distinctive touch of the progressive rock genre emerging during that era.

Donovan – Jersey Thursday

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Donovan’s ‘Jersey Thursday’ is a folk-inspired gem from his album ‘A Gift from a Flower to a Garden,’ released in 1967. This double album, known for its poetic lyrics and Donovan’s signature acoustic sound, features ‘Jersey Thursday’ as a whimsical and enchanting track.

The song captures Donovan’s exploration of folk and psychedelic elements, offering listeners a dreamy and nostalgic experience. Here is the beloved lyrics of it:

In the tiny piece of coloured glass my love was born
And reds and golds and yellows were the colors in the dawn.
Night brought on its purple cloak of velvet to the sky
And the girls go willing spinning on Jersey Thursday.

White Town – Thursday At The Blue Note

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White Town’s ‘Thursday At The Blue Note’ is an electronic and ambient track from the album ‘Women in Technology,’ released in 1997. White Town, the project of Jyoti Prakash Mishra, incorporates elements of synth-pop and alternative dance into this composition.

‘Thursday At The Blue Note’ is characterized by its atmospheric soundscapes and electronic beats, showcasing White Town’s ability to create evocative and genre-blending music.

Jess Glynne – Thursday

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If you are looking for the best songs about Thursday, we should also mention this song. Jess Glynne’s ‘Thursday’ is a pop anthem from her album ‘Always In Between,’ released in 2018. The song features a blend of pop and R&B elements, with Glynne’s powerful vocals taking center stage. ‘Thursday’ carries a message of self-acceptance and empowerment, making it a standout track in Glynne’s discography.

The uplifting and catchy nature of the song contributed to its commercial success and popularity.

The Weeknd – Thursday

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The Weeknd’s ‘Thursday’ is part of a mixtape trilogy released in 2011, with ‘Thursday’ being the second installment. Known for his distinctive R&B and alternative sound, The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, explores themes of love, desire, and excess in ‘Thursday.’

The mixtape showcases Tesfaye’s moody and atmospheric production style, setting the stage for his subsequent rise to international fame. Here is the chorus of this hit song:

Girl I try, Girl I try
I’ve been here for too long
Baby don’t cry
Why are you calling again?
But It’s not Thursday, baby, why’ you calling?

The Orb – Thursday’s Keeper

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The Orb, a pioneering force in ambient and electronic music, emerged in the late 1980s and quickly carved out a distinct space in the musical landscape. Founded by Alex Paterson, The Orb is renowned for their innovative soundscapes and influential contributions to the ambient house genre.

The Orb’s ‘Thursday’s Keeper’ is a downtempo and ambient track from their album ‘Orblivion,’ released in 1997. Known for their pioneering work in ambient and electronic music, The Orb creates a dreamy sonic landscape with ‘Thursday’s Keeper.’ The song features ethereal soundscapes and intricate production, showcasing The Orb’s ability to transport listeners into a contemplative and immersive musical experience.

Isobel Campbell – Thursday’s Child

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Another example of songs about Thursday came from Isobel Campbell. Isobel Campbell’s ‘Thursday’s Child’ is a melancholic and folk-infused track from her album ‘Time Is Just the Same,’ released in 2021. The song captures Campbell’s introspective lyricism and delicate vocal delivery, creating a poignant and atmospheric piece.

‘Thursday’s Child’ reflects Campbell’s ability to craft evocative and emotionally resonant folk music, contributing to her reputation as a skilled singer-songwriter.

Rollins Band – Thursday Afternoon

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Rollins Band’s ‘Thursday Afternoon’ is a dynamic and intense track featured on their album ‘Come In and Burn,’ released in 1997. Fronted by punk and alternative rock icon Henry Rollins, the band delivers a powerful and aggressive performance in ‘Thursday Afternoon.’

The song showcases Rollins Band’s signature hard-hitting sound, characterized by gritty vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and a relentless energy that defined their musical style. It starts with these lyrics:

Please let me see the faults that my ego denies me
Please don’t let me grow so tall that I forget the ground beneath me
Don’t let me forget that satisfaction has no friends
That glory always fleeting, already gone

Leonard Herron – On a Thursday Morning

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Leonard Herron’s ‘On a Thursday Morning’ is a reflective and acoustic-driven song that captures a sense of nostalgia and contemplation. ‘On a Thursday Morning’ stands as a testament to the emotive power of acoustic folk music, providing listeners with a poignant and introspective musical experience.

It starts with these lyrics:
Now I’ve
Been locking myself in chains
And I thought it would be okay
But now I want to meet you
It seems
I can’t forget the past
We’ve had such a blast
Being together

Jim Croce – Thursday

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Here is another example that can be considered one of the oldest examples of songs about Thursday. Jim Croce’s ‘Thursday’ is a classic folk-rock track from his album ‘Life and Times,’ released in 1973. Known for his storytelling prowess, Croce’s ‘Thursday’ is a narrative-driven song that reflects on life’s ups and downs.

The track features Croce’s warm vocals and acoustic guitar, embodying the singer-songwriter tradition of the early ’70s.  ‘Thursday’ is a timeless piece that showcases Croce’s ability to connect with listeners through his relatable and heartfelt storytelling.

Pet Shop Boys – Thursday

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Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Thursday’ is a synth-pop gem from their album ‘Electric,’ released in 2013. Known for their electronic and dance-pop sound, Pet Shop Boys deliver a catchy and upbeat track with ‘Thursday.’ The song features collaboration with Example and explores themes of anticipation and excitement associated with the approach of the weekend.

‘Thursday’ showcases the duo’s ability to create infectious pop anthems that resonate with a wide audience. Here is the lyrics that including Thursday:

“…Thursday then friday
It’s soon gonna be the weekend
Let’s start it tonight, babe
Stay with me for the weekend
It’s thursday night

Jordan D. Mitchell – Thursday Nights

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Jordan D. Mitchell’s ‘Thursday Nights’ is a contemporary R&B track that captures the essence of modern urban music. ‘Thursday Nights’ explores themes of nightlife and the experiences associated with Thursday evenings. Mitchell’s contribution to the R&B genre is reflected in the track’s smooth melodies and contemporary production.

They Might Be Giants – I Lost Thursday

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The next song is here. They Might Be Giants’ ‘I Lost Thursday’ is a quirky and whimsical track from their album ‘The Spine,’ released in 2004. Known for their eclectic and humorous approach to music, They Might Be Giants create a playful and unconventional song with ‘I Lost Thursday.’

The lyrics humorously explore the notion of losing a day, adding a touch of absurdity to the band’s experimental and genre-defying repertoire.

Hot Boys – Tuesday & Thursday

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Hot Boys’ ‘Tuesday & Thursday’ is a hip-hop track from their album ‘Let ‘Em Burn,’ released in 2003. Comprising members like Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., and Turk, Hot Boys were influential in the Southern rap scene.

‘Tuesday & Thursday’ delves into the street life and challenges associated with growing up in urban environments. The track exemplifies the group’s impact on the rap genre during the late ’90s and early 2000s. Here is the relevant lyrics:

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you better watch for the sweep
Look them people gon’ act a ass if you get caught in the street
On Tuesdays and Thursdays you better watch for the sweep
Look them people gon’ act a ass if you get caught in the street

Cali-Ber Tha Grime – Thursday in Mars

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The last example of songs about Thursday  came from Cali-BerTha Grime. Cali-Ber Tha Grime’s ‘Thursday in Mars’ is a hip-hop track that adds a unique twist to the genre.’Thursday in Mars’ explores imaginative and otherworldly themes, blending the urban grit of hip-hop with a futuristic and experimental sonic landscape.

The track reflects the artist’s creative exploration within the hip-hop genre. Here is the chorus of this hip-hop song:

Hand sharp like thugs (Click) Don’t live on drugs (Molly)
Hair white like sand (Sand) body white like ash (White)
Body yellow like juice (Juice) N*** call it a truce (Git git)
Thursday in Mars (Alright) Thursday in Venus (Venus)

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