Songs About Freaking Out

There are countless songs about freaking out from different genres of music released in different years. Freaking out is a very good mood for songs to express their anger. Here are the most popular examples:

Mac DeMarco – Freaking Out The Neighborhood

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Mac DeMarco, known by his stage name Mac DeMarco, began his musical journey through Captured Tracks record label. He quickly developed into a lo-fi artist who has released various albums as Mac DeMarco since 2012. “Freaking Out The Neighborhood”, included on 2012 album 2 as an apology song to his mother; in it he explained how sometimes he got himself into some trouble but she should not overreact about it.

This song details an incident when Mac was performing karaoke and ended up becoming quite intoxicated, getting some drum sticks stuck in his undergarment, only for someone to record and upload the video onto YouTube – much to his mother and grandmother’s displeasure. This work by Mac De Marco  is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about freaking out.

Mystery Skulls Animated – Freaking Out

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A group of friends find an abandoned mansion which leads them on an adventure of discovery and solving one mystery after the next. Inspired by and based off MysteryBen27’s animated music videos about Mystery Skull. There may be lots of creative licenses taken when new videos from MysteryBen27 come out; so this may alter as necessary!

Wham Line: At times throughout the series, an unexpected zoom-in on something will reveal its true form; for example, Lewis’ sixteen-wheeler transforms into a pimped out car at the end of Hellbent; or when Shiromori attempts to stab Vivi but Mystery takes immediate steps to protect her instead – leading him into being attacked himself! This track is one of the most popular songs about freaking out.

CHIC – Le Freak

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As other disco bands attempted to add soulful overtones to R&B music, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards intuitively understood they needed something else; their signature groove-driven hits like Le Freak and Good Times created an everlasting shift in pop music that is still evident today. This work by CHIC is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about freaking out.

This 1978 single was the group’s signature hit to date, showcasing their danceable funk finesse and lush strings. Edwards and Rodgers originally wrote lyrics as a direct response to Studio 54’s door policy; however, mainstream audiences would likely have rejected such blunt language as well.

This song’s brilliance lies in its layers of voices that create an identity for the band as a collective whole (unlike many groups that feature one lead singer at the forefront). Meanwhile, music itself features individual elements like piano chords playing long chords while Rhodes keyboard adds harmonic color; two tracks from Tony Thompson’s drumming that provide rhythmic energy make this tune truly timeless.

Caroline Kole – Freaking Out!

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Caroline Kole is an exuberant singer known for creating captivating lyrics and infectious pop melodies. At just 22 years old, Caroline Kole already enjoys an impressive career that can rival artists twice her age: touring as a country artist and opening for Reba McEntire is but two examples. In 2014 she was interviewed by Sounds Like Nashville where Sheryl Crow and Pat Benatar were mentioned among her influences; moreover she took part in American Idol 2020 as contestant; her song Fool’s Gold was revised with Shane McNally for that show as well. In Caroline Kole’s latest single, “Freaking Out,” she conveys powerful messages of strength and courage to audiences everywhere she performs!

JioSaavn offers playlists and unlimited music streaming – you’ll get 4 free songs every month and sign up now if available in your country! Please note, however, this offer may only be available in select regions. Among songs about freaking out, it would be impossible not to mention this song.

Flo Rida – Freaking Out feat. StayC Reign

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Flo Rida joins in on the “Freaking Out” fun with his track off of the movie soundtrack to “Neighbors.” If you like this tune, check out more by him at his website. Freak Out – To behave irrationally and uncontrollably due to excitement, fear or madness; for example when experiencing wild playing by an artist; when witnessing close call car accident; [Slang; 1960s countercultural term]. See Also Flip Out or Wig Out

This entry was posted in Music and tagged Flo Rida, Neighbors, Freaking Out and StayC Reign on May 5, 2013 by admin. Bookmark the permalink to leave a comment or login to post one yourself!  Among songs about freaking out, it would be impossible not to mention this high-energy song.

Spencer Sutherland – Freaking Out

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Spencer Sutherland burst onto the music scene with his soulful vocal range and radio-friendly pop songs after competing in a singing competition show. After quickly making a name for himself, Spencer went on to support Jack & Jack as well as lead his own tour. Last year he appeared at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball shows alongside artists such as Lauv, MAX, Louis Tomlinson, Quinn XCII, and Why Don’t We onstage together.

This time around, he opened his set with the track “Freaking Out,” from his debut EP of the same name. This song explores feelings of insecurity and fear associated with entering new relationships; questions include whether their partner can handle all he has to offer as well as whether they see any future together. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs about freaking out.

The Wrecks – Freaking Out

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The Wrecks have become known for releasing anthemic singles with frenetic energy, and “Freaking Out” encapsulates that passion perfectly. At three minutes long and sixty seconds wide it delivers its message with gusto!

This track begins with a low, deep noise reminiscent of static feedback in an electric guitar amp and transitions quickly into vocalist Nick Anderson’s spoken, rhythmic lyrics. Harmonies linger in the background while bass lines, guitar riffs and drums create a dynamic series of sounds which keeps listeners on their toes throughout. It can be listed as one of the songs with freaking out in the title .

Adema – Freaking Out

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Adema formed out of two Bakersfield metal acts in 2020 to form a nu-metal album which made headlines with lyrics about women being seductive in bed. While their sound may not be revolutionary, Adema still manages to write catchy riffs such as Close Friends or an anthem like Do what You Want To Do that fans love listening to. Their popular song namely Freaking Out is considered as one of the songs about freaking out.

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