Songs About North Carolina

Throughout history, music has served as a powerful medium to celebrate the spirit, culture, and landscapes of various regions. ‘Songs About North Carolina’ represents a captivating anthology that resonates with the rich tapestry of this southeastern U.S. state.

From the majestic peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy shores of the Outer Banks, North Carolina’s diverse topography and vibrant heritage have inspired musicians across genres to craft melodies that encapsulate its essence.

Join us on a melodious journey as we explore the melodies and lyrics that pay homage to the beauty, history, and unique charm of North Carolina. Here are the most beloved songs about north carolina:

Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train

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The first track on our playlist of songs about North carolina. Freight Train is a folk-blues classic by Elizabeth Cotten. This song, known for its distinctive fingerpicking guitar style, was composed when Cotten was a young girl but gained recognition later in her life.

The song nostalgically narrates the journey of a freight train, reflecting the longing for travel and the emotions associated with the passing of time.

Petey Pablo – Raise Up

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The next song came from Petey Pablo. Raise Up by Petey Pablo is a hip-hop anthem released in 2001. The song celebrates North Carolina (NC), referencing various cities and regions within the state.

Its energetic beats and catchy chorus became a popular anthem for North Carolinians, showcasing pride and love for their home state.

Earl Scruggs – Foggy Mountain Breakdown

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Foggy Mountain Breakdown is an iconic bluegrass instrumental by Earl Scruggs. Known for its lively banjo playing, the song gained immense popularity after being featured in the soundtrack of the movie Bonnie and Clyde. Its fast-paced melody and intricate banjo picking have made it a staple in the bluegrass genre.

G Yamazawa – North Cack

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The next song on our playlist of songs about North Carolina. G Yamazawa’s North Cack is a hip-hop track that pays homage to North Carolina, affectionately known as Cackalacky. The song embraces the culture, pride, and diversity of the state, showcasing G Yamazawa’s personal connection to North Carolina while blending elements of his Asian-American heritage with his Southern upbringing.

Doc & Merle Watson – Southbound

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Southbound by Doc & Merle Watson is a country-folk song embodying the spirit of travel and wanderlust. The song captures the essence of a journey, narrating a travelog-like experience through its lyrics and acoustic guitar melodies, inviting listeners along on a musical voyage.

When we consider songs about North Carolina, Southbound is also listed.

Etta Baker & John Dee Holeman – Crow Jane

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Crow Jane is a traditional blues song performed by Etta Baker and John Dee Holeman. The song, often considered a blues standard, tells the tale of a woman named Crow Jane, and its origins trace back to the folk and blues traditions of the American South.

The performers deliver a soulful rendition, showcasing their mastery of the blues genre. We can announce this song among songs about North Carolina.

Des Ark – Carolina Girls

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Carolina Girls by Des Ark is a song that celebrates the spirit and characteristics of women from North Carolina. While this track might not be popular as much as others, the song could potentially honor the unique qualities and experiences of women hailing from the state of Carolina. If you heard of Des Ark before, we can suggest this song.

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Cornbread and Butterbeans

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Cornbread and Butterbeans by the Carolina Chocolate Drops is a folk song that celebrates simple pleasures and the traditional cuisine of the South. The song’s upbeat tempo and lively instrumentation, featuring elements of old-time string band music, evoke a sense of joy and nostalgia for Southern culture and culinary traditions.

James Taylor – Carolina in My Mind

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Among songs about North Carolina, we can also announce James Taylor. Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor is an iconic song that expresses Taylor’s longing and affection for his home state, North Carolina. Released in 1968, the song beautifully captures Taylor’s nostalgia for the familiar landscapes, memories, and sense of belonging associated with his hometown, Chapel Hill.

It became an anthem for those missing the comfort and familiarity of their home state or town.

Chatham County Line – Crop Comes In

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Crop Comes In by Chatham County Line is a bluegrass-infused song that encapsulates the hard work and hopes of farmers waiting for their harvest. The track resonates with themes of perseverance and the rewards of labor, mirroring the cycles of life in rural communities and the anticipation of reaping the fruits of one’s efforts.

Here is beloved lyrics of it:
“Come see me when the crop comes in
When the water’s high, you can afford to spend
I’m high on the cotton and my dress is fine
I’d spend it all – if you could be mine
I’m not the kid of woman that’s bound to lose
So don’t come around with your poor boy blues”

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