Songs About Memories

Anyone can count various examples of songs about memories right? Because there are many examples of such songs.

Memories are a great theme for songs. Sometimes memories are mentioned in emotional songs and sometimes in high-energy pop songs. When the lyrics of many songs are listened carefully, it is seen that the good or bad memories of the past are very impressive.

We have compiled for you examples of songs about memories that emotionally take us to the past. Here are examples of songs about memories, ranging from high-energy rock n roll to more naive pop songs:

Mickey Newbury – Sweet Memory

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Released in 69, this cult song is one of the classics of the country genre. Sweet Memory, which has words full of nostalgic feelings, is listened to even today. Sweet Memory, an unforgettable song with Mickey Newbury’s unique vocal, should be at the top of songs about memories.

Tears For Fears – Memories Fade

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One of the oldest songs on our songs about memories list is the song Memories Fade by Tears For Fears. We can count this song in the new wave or pop rock genre. When you examine the lyrics more carefully, you will notice that the song has intense emotional lyrics with a separation theme.

Talking Heads – Memories Can’t Wait

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The song Memories Can’t Wait, one of the cult songs of the 80s, has become one of the most popular in the art rock genre. Like other songs by Talking Heads, Memories Can’t Wait has an intense energy. Memories Can’t Wait, which tells about our uncontrollable moments and past sorrows, is one of the most popular songs about memories.


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Elvis Presley, one of the most popular names in the music industry and who has achieved the greatest commercial success of all time, is also on our songs about memories list. Presley, who released his song Memories in 1968, expressed his past memories with emotional words with this song. A pop classic, Memories should definitely be on your playlists.

Weezer – Memories

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Released in 2010, Memories was published by Weezer, which released alternative rock songs. Although the energy of the musical infrastructure of the song is high, it has emotional and nostalgic lyrics. It is a rare example of punk or alternative rock, one among songs about memories.

Sugarcult – Memory

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The song Memory, which managed to stay at the top of the music charts for a long time in the early 2000s, is one of the most popular tracks of Sugarcult. The aspect of the song telling the stories of a past love and separation allows us to list it among songs about memories.

My Morning Jacket – Only Memories Remain

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One of the popular songs of My Morning Jacket, which has released successful songs in the indie rock genre, is the song Only Memories Remain, which they released in 2008. The song expresses the effects of passing time on people’s emotions with a rock sound. It would be impossible not to mention Only Memories Remain among songs about memories.

Within Temptation – Memories

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The song Memories, released in 2005, is one of the popular songs of the gothic metal band Within Temptation. The lyrics of the song, which has high energy and aggression, contain themes of disappointment and longing for the past. Among songs about memories, it is the only example that can be counted as symphonic metal or gothic metal.

Dean Martin – Memories Are Made of This

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Dean Martin released the song Memories Are Made Of This in 1955. One of the oldest songs of all time, the song Memories Are Made Of This is one of the successful examples of the pop genre. Also, thanks to its theme and lyrics, we can remember this song of Dean Martin among songs about memories.

Keith Urban – Making Memories Of Us

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Keith Urban released the song Making Memories Of Us in 2004. They even opened the door to a great popularity process with this song. Making Memories Of Us songs, which is one of the most popular songs of the country genre, is also one of the most well-known songs about memories.

Maroon 5 – Memories

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We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the most popular song on our songs about memories list is Maroon 5’s Memories. Publishing the most successful examples of the pop rock genre, the band’s “Memories” clip breaks streaming records on digital music platforms.

In addition, when the lyrics of the song are examined in detail, it is understood that the importance of memories and passing time is mentioned. However, despite this emotional theme, it is a very energetic song.

T.I. – Memories Back Then

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A hip-hop example of our songs about memories list is the song Memories Back Then. Released in 2013, this song is one of T.I’s most popular tracks. There is an intense longing when they give a rap song about relationships and experiences in the past.

David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi – Memories

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The popular creator of animated dance songs, David Guetta, is on our songs about memories list with his dance-pop song Memories. The song Memories they published with Kid Cudi has an energy that will raise your mood. We recommend that you play the song Memories at parties where you want to forget the pain of the past and memories.

Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody

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Although there is no “memories” in its name, one of the most popular songs of our songs about memories list is ed Unchained Melody due to its subject and lyrics. Published in 1965, this cult song is listened with interest by millions of listeners through digital music platforms even today. It can be considered as one of the most successful examples of the soul genre.

The Beatles – Yesterday

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When songs about memories are mentioned, one of the songs that comes to mind for people from every generation is Yesterday. The song “Yesterday”, released by the famous British music group The Beatles in 1965, sincerely expresses that memories transform us into other people.

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