Songs About Loving Someone Who Is Taken

Songs about loving someone who is taken explore the intricate and often bittersweet emotions that accompany unrequited love. These poignant compositions delve into the complexities of yearning for a person already committed to another, navigating the delicate balance between desire and moral boundaries. Through heartfelt lyrics and emotive melodies, these songs capture the universal experience of longing for a love that remains just out of reach.

Let’s explore the most iconic songs about loving someone who is taken with this great playlist!

Adele – Someone Like You

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Adele’s soul-stirring ballad, “Someone Like You,” is a standout track from her second studio album, “21,” released in 2011. The song explores the depths of heartbreak and the acceptance of unrequited love. Adele’s emotive vocals resonate with listeners as she expresses the bittersweet journey of coming to terms with the impossibility of the desired romance.

The lyrics poignantly capture the ache of letting go while holding onto the hope that a new love might emerge. The first track should be this among songs about loving someone who is taken.

Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

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Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” is a heart-wrenching track from her debut album “Left of the Middle,” released in 1997. The song encapsulates the raw emotion of discovering that the person you love is already committed to someone else. Imbruglia’s impassioned delivery and the evocative lyrics make “Torn” an anthem for anyone experiencing the tumultuous emotions of unrequited love.

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

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We cannot skip this track when we announce songs about loving someone who is taken. Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” is an iconic ballad featured in the soundtrack of the film “The Bodyguard,” released in 1992. Originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton, Houston’s powerful interpretation became a global sensation.

The lyrics convey a heartfelt farewell to a love that cannot be sustained, echoing the pain of loving someone who belongs to another. Houston’s impeccable vocal performance amplifies the emotional resonance of the song.

Taylor Swift – Back to December

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“Back to December” is a poignant track from Taylor Swift’s third studio album, “Speak Now,” released in 2010. The song narrates Swift’s regret and longing for a past relationship. The lyrics reflect on the realization of mistakes made and the desire to turn back time.

Taylor’s introspective storytelling, combined with a melodic arrangement, captures the essence of heartache and the complexities of unrequited love in “Back to December.”

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me

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Featured in Taylor Swift’s second studio album, “Fearless,” released in 2008, “You Belong With Me” is a catchy and relatable anthem about unrequited love. The song explores the perspective of a lovelorn protagonist longing for a romance that seems out of reach.

With its infectious chorus and heartfelt lyrics, the track resonates with listeners who have experienced the pangs of unfulfilled love. When we consider songs about loving someone who is taken, this track should be remembered.

Rihanna – Unfaithful

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“Unfaithful” by Rihanna is a compelling ballad featured on her second studio album, “A Girl Like Me,” released in 2006. The song explores the complexities of a love triangle, portraying the internal conflict of being in love with someone already committed to another.

Rihanna’s emotive performance and the poignant lyrics capture the moral ambiguity and emotional turmoil that accompany unrequited love in the face of temptation.

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

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“I Knew You Were Trouble” is an emotionally charged track from Taylor Swift’s fourth studio album, “Red,” released in 2012. The song marks a departure from Swift’s country roots with its incorporation of pop and dubstep elements. The lyrics recount the classic tale of falling for the wrong person, realizing the consequences too late. Swift’s powerful vocals and the dynamic production perfectly convey the pain and realization that often accompany unrequited love.

Taylor Swift – Love Story

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We know that this one is the third Taylor Swift song but we cannot skip this when we list songs about loving someone who is taken. “Love Story” is a modern-day classic from Taylor Swift’s second studio album, “Fearless,” released in 2008. The song reimagines the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet with a contemporary twist. Swift’s storytelling prowess shines as she narrates a love that faces societal opposition.

The infectious melody and hopeful lyrics make “Love Story” a captivating anthem that captures the essence of longing and the pursuit of love against all odds.

James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

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“You’re Beautiful” is a poignant ballad by James Blunt, featured on his debut album “Back to Bedlam,” released in 2004. The song gained widespread acclaim for its emotional resonance and Blunt’s heartfelt delivery. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of unrequited love as Blunt encounters someone he finds captivating, yet the circumstances prevent the fulfillment of that connection. The song’s haunting melody and sincere lyrics contribute to its enduring popularity.

Prince – When You Were Mine

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The last example of songs about loving someone who is taken came from Prince. “When You Were Mine” is a track from Prince’s fourth studio album, “Dirty Mind,” released in 1980. The song stands as an anthemic expression of longing and heartache as the narrator reminisces about a lost romantic relationship with someone already committed to another.

Prince’s emotive vocal delivery, coupled with the song’s power chord progressions and melodramatic breaks, captures the emotional turmoil of unrequited love in a distinctive and memorable way.

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