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One of the indispensable creatures of the seas is jellyfish. Some of us are afraid of them, for some of us their presence is not even noticed. But did you know that there are songs published about jellyfish? There are extensive examples of songs about jellyfish, from pop to metal. Here are the most popular of them:

Ocean Alley – Jellyfish Sunrise

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Jellyfish Sunrise, released in 2016, is one of the most popular songs on our list. The progression of the song, which is mainly vocal and guitar, is also quite simple. However, when it is listened to, it will make you want to listen again and again.

It is also one of the songs you should listen to alone on a tropical island.This song should definitely be on our list of songs about jellyfish.

Daikaiju – Jellyfish Sunrise

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The song Jellyfish Sunrise, released in 2010 by Daikaiju, begins with a great guitar solo. In between, distortion guitar is also included in the guitar solo and bass guitar. The song has no vocals and is an interesting track.This song is one of the best known songs about jellyfish.

Jo Blankenburg, Sunday Lane – Jellyfish in the Sky

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This song is a very good example of songs about jellyfish. Sunday Lane and Jo Blankenburg released the emotional track Jellyfish In The Sky in 2018. Known for its piano arrangements, the song is meant to be an emotional movie soundtrack.

Shpongle – How the Jellyfish Jumped up the Mountain

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Shpongle is a successful producer of electronic music. How the Jellyfish Jumped up the Mountain is the longest track on our list. This song, which is over 10 minutes long, will make the listeners dance.This song should be remembered among the songs about jellyfish with both its lyrics and its clip.

tatu fly? – Jellyfish

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This original piece, which was published about 10 years ago, is also on our list. You should give Jellyfish a chance, which is interestingly and originally arranged by tatu fly?.

Vashti Bunyan – Jellyfish

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Jellyfish from the Heartleap album is one of Vashti Bunyan’s popular songs. The impressive female vocals in this song, which was released in 2014, transformed the song into a very popular form.

Thomas Newman – Jellyfish

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Composed for the famous motion picture series Skyfall, this song is a wonderful classical music work. You’ll appreciate Thomas Newman’s talent for 3 tense minutes. This song should also be counted as a great example of songs about jellyfish.

Kwoon – Eternal Jellyfish Ballet

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One of Kwoon’s favorite pieces, Jellyfish Ballet is a 6-minute instrumental piece. The energy of the guitar and piano rises towards the end of the 6-minute song. It can be said that it is a genre that can be the soundtrack of a good movie.

Super Simple Songs – The Jellyfish

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The Jellyfish song, released 4 years ago by the Super Simple Songs channel, which produces content for children, has achieved 20 million streams. You can listen to this song while dancing with your children. This song should definitely be counted among the songs about jellyfish.

Caroline Konstnar – The Jellyfish Song

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Caroline Konstnar, one of the youngest musicians on our list, delighted her fans with this R&B song she released just 3 years ago. You should listen to this song called The Jellyfish Song with easygoing lyrics in your happy beginning days. Caroline’s vocals are quite successful.

The song has achieved more than 1 million stream successes. This song by the famous musician is one of the first to come to mind when thinking of songs about jellyfish.

Poco Drom – Jellyfish Lullabubble

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“Jellyfish Lullabubble” by Poco Drom is a delightful children’s song that captures the whimsical nature of underwater life. Featured in Poco Drom’s collection of imaginative and educational songs for young listeners, this tune takes children on a magical journey through the ocean depths.

The song’s playful lyrics and catchy chorus invite children to imagine themselves floating among the jellyfish, surrounded by their gentle movements and shimmering colors. “Jellyfish Lullabubble” showcases Poco Drom’s talent for creating enchanting music that entertains and inspires young minds.

Maple Leaf Learning – Three Jellyfish

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With its funny music video, Three JEllyfish should be added to the list of songs about jellyfish. “Three Jellyfish” by Maple Leaf Learning is a charming children’s song that introduces young listeners to the fascinating world of marine life. Featured in Maple Leaf Learning’s collection of educational songs and videos for preschoolers, this upbeat tune engages children with its catchy melody and interactive lyrics.

With its cheerful rhythm and playful animation, the song sparks curiosity and encourages learning through music and movement. “Three Jellyfish” exemplifies Maple Leaf Learning’s commitment to creating engaging educational content that entertains and enriches children’s lives.

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