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Let’s get started to explore the “Songs About January” playlist, where we embrace the fresh start and renewed energy that comes with the beginning of a new year. With its blend of introspective ballads and uplifting anthems, this playlist offers a soundtrack for reflection, resolution, and the promise of new beginnings. Let’s check out the best songs about January.

Van Morrison and Steve Winwood – “Fire in the Belly”

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We can start to explore songs with january in the title by remembering Fire in the Belly. “Fire in the Belly” is a collaborative track by Van Morrison and Steve Winwood, featured on Morrison’s album “The Healing Game,” released in 1997. The song exudes a sense of passion, vitality, and inner fire, as reflected in its title. With its soulful vocals, bluesy instrumentation, and uplifting melody, “Fire in the Belly” captures the essence of artistic inspiration and creative energy.

The collaboration between Morrison and Winwood results in a dynamic and soul-stirring performance that ignites the listener’s spirit and stirs the soul.

All Time Low – “January Gloom (Seasons, Pt. 1)”

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“January Gloom (Seasons, Pt. 1)” is a track by All Time Low from their album “Wake Up, Sunshine,” released in 2020. The song captures the somber mood often associated with the beginning of the year, exploring themes of introspection, melancholy, and the struggle to find light in the darkness.

Christy Moore – “January Man”

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“January Man” is a folk song performed by Christy Moore, featured on his album “The Iron Behind the Velvet,” released in 1978. The song, originally written by Dave Goulder, celebrates the changing of the seasons and the passage of time. Moore’s soulful rendition and evocative storytelling bring to life the imagery of winter landscapes and the anticipation of new beginnings that come with the start of the year.

“January Man” serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the promise of renewal that each new year brings.

The Wonder Years – “You in January”

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“You in January” is a track by The Wonder Years from their album “No Closer to Heaven,” released in 2015. The song explores the complexities of relationships and the emotional turbulence that comes with love and loss. Through poignant lyrics and heartfelt vocals, “You in January” reflects on the challenges of navigating through the aftermath of a breakup and the longing for closure and resolution.

The song’s introspective tone and melodic instrumentation evoke a sense of vulnerability and introspection, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences of heartache and healing.

Bing Crosby – “June in January”

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Another example of songs about january month is here. “June in January” is a classic song performed by Bing Crosby, featured on his album “Songs I Wish I Had Sung the First Time Around…,” released in 1956. The song paints a romantic picture of a love that transcends seasons, with the narrator expressing the joy and warmth of being with their beloved even in the midst of winter.

Crosby’s smooth vocals and elegant phrasing bring to life the imagery of a winter romance blooming into everlasting love. “June in January” remains a timeless ode to the power of love to conquer all obstacles and bring light into the darkest of days.

June Tabor – “The Month of January”

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You can check out this track when you seek out songs about the month of january. “The Month of January” is a traditional folk song interpreted by June Tabor, featured on her album “Airs and Graces,” released in 1976. Tabor’s haunting vocals and minimalist arrangement breathe new life into this timeless ballad.

Barbara Dickson – “January February”

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“January February” is a track by Barbara Dickson from her album “Morning Comes Quickly,” released in 1977. The song explores the passage of time and the changing seasons of life, with January and February symbolizing the coldness and isolation of winter. Dickson’s soulful vocals and emotive delivery imbue the song with a sense of longing and introspection, as she reflects on the fleeting nature of love and the passage of time.

“January February” captures the bittersweet beauty of winter’s melancholy and the promise of new beginnings that come with the arrival of spring.

The Procussions feat. Talib Kweli – “Miss January”

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“Miss January” is a collaborative track by The Procussions featuring Talib Kweli, released in 2006. With its infectious groove and thought-provoking lyrics, the song explores themes of love, desire, and the fleeting nature of relationships. Kweli’s introspective verses and The Procussions’ soulful production create a dynamic and captivating sound.

“Miss January” serves as a reflection on the complexities of romantic attraction and the search for connection in a world marked by transience and uncertainty.

Rod Wave – “Jan2Jan”

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“Jan2Jan” is a track by Rod Wave from his album “Pray 4 Love,” released in 2020. The song delves into the artist’s personal journey and the challenges he faces as he navigates through life. With its introspective lyrics and introspective vibe, “Jan2Jan” reflects on the cyclical nature of existence and the struggles of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity.

Sting – “January Stars”

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The last track that can be listed among songs with january in the lyrics is January Stars. “January Stars” is a track by Sting from his album “Mercury Falling,” released in 1996. The song is a poetic meditation on the passage of time and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Sting’s introspective lyrics and ethereal melodies create a dreamlike atmosphere, as he contemplates the vastness of the universe and the interconnectedness of all things.

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