Songs About Hating Yourself

Hating is not a recommended emotion, but any human may have this mood. Musicians often use this theme in their work. We will discover songs about hating yourself.

Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore

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Billie Eilish is one of the most popular singers of today. Her tracks streamed over the millions. Her albums get striking and successful commercial results. She gained many prestigious awards in the music industry. While we collect songs about hating yourself, “idontwannabeyouanymore” must be added up. Its lyrics refer to a young singer’s depression periıod and hating herself. It got the stream over the millions on digital music platforms like other songs.

NF – Hate Myself

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Young rapper release this song to refer his younger times’ pains and emotional challenges. Hating is often used in rap songs. This attitude may be seen in NF’s other songs. When we think about songs about hating yourself , a rap track has been in there. Due to its rap music’s culture and history, it is a genre in which themes such as mental health problems, self-hatred and depression are frequently used. As a successful figure of this culture and hip hop universe, NF used these themes in this song.

Tate McRae – hate myself

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Canadian female singer McRae released many successful hits in her music journey. “hate myself” is a striking example for the songs about hating yourself . Even though it has a high-energy melody, its lyrics try to question your negative sides.

Alessia Cara – Scars to Your Beautiful

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Alessia Cara is still in her twenties. Young and Canadian singer released “Scars to Your Beautiful” in 2015. She managed to get over the 100 millions stream with this track. We must take a place for this track among songs about hating yourself .

Linkin Park – Numb

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Unfortunately their lead singer and founder Chester Benninghton was found dead in his home. However, their huge fans desire to get up the band like older times with honoring Chester. Numb is a classic rock song for all time in music history. This popular song cannot be skipped if you find various songs about hating yourself .

Halsey – Sorry

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With its lyrics, Sorry can be added up on your playlists. Among songs about hating yourself , Halsey’s track can be remembered. Because this track is available for this theme in terms of the lyrics and musical ambience. Despite being in the middle of her career, the young singer has managed to rank high in the charts on digital music platforms.

twenty one pilots – Hate Myself

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Beloved rock band twenty one pilots released many hit rock songs throughout their career. One of these tracks is Hate Myself including lyrics about depression. You may be used to encountering the theme of hating in rock songs, however this track can be accepted as having different features than others. If you want alternative songs about hating yourself , you can check out this song.

The Neighbourhood – Cry Baby

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Cry Baby is an ironic name for such a song. The Neighbourhood usually release songs with weird names and including metaphors. One of them is Cry Baby which can be counted also among songs about hating yourself. The other songs of the band, which was founded in California in the early 2010s, also feature cleverly constructed rock compositions and dramatic lyrics.

Bebe Rexha – I’m a Mess

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American pop singer Bebe Rexha composed this song inspired by her bad days. I’m a Mess is a strolling example for pop songs about hating yourself . She managed her bad days to turn into good stories with this song.

Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

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In the early 2000’s there were many rock bands formed in the UK. One member of this flow is Bring Me The Horizon, which has such a long name. While we examine the lyrics of the Drown song, we will realize that it refers to the artist’s depression and feeling of hating himself all the time. This hit must be added to our list of songs about hating yourself.

Radiohead – Creep

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“Creep” is a song by the English rock band Radiohead, released in 1992 as the debut single from their first studio album, “Pablo Honey.” The song is known for its raw emotion and the distinctive voice of lead singer Thom Yorke. “Creep” explores themes of unrequited love and self-loathing.

The lyrics convey a sense of inadequacy and obsession, making it a powerful and angst-ridden track. Despite its initial commercial struggles, “Creep” gained widespread popularity over time and is considered one of Radiohead’s most recognizable songs.

Beck – Loser

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While if you seek out the songs about hating yourself, this track should be counted now. “Loser” is a song by American singer-songwriter Beck, released in 1993 as his debut single. The track is part of Beck’s breakthrough album “Mellow Gold.” “Loser” is characterized by its eclectic blend of genres, combining alternative rock, hip-hop, and folk elements.

The lyrics of “Loser” are known for their surreal and non-sequitur style, reflecting Beck’s unconventional approach to songwriting. The song’s catchy chorus and the laid-back production contributed to its commercial success and established Beck as a unique and influential artist in the alternative music scene.

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