Songs About Frog

Have you ever thought about songs about frog? Moreover, the frog theme was used not only in songs published for children, but even in some emotional songs published for adults. Here is a list of that we have compiled from different times and artists for you:

Alice In Chains – Frogs

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Alice In Chains, one of the most popular rock bands of all time, included the song Frogs in their album released in 1995. This song, like the other songs of the group, was created by adding a dark atmosphere to melancholic lyrics. The frogs in the song are a metaphor. This song by Alice In Chains is at the top of the songs about frog list.

The Doors – Peace Frog

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The Doors, one of the most popular rock bands of all time, added this original song called Peace Frog to their album “Morrison Hotel”, released in 1970. Although this song is not one of the first songs that come to mind in the songs about frog list, it is quite surprising that the legend of Jim Morrison released such a song.

MARINA – Hermit the Frog

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Ordinary MARINA has a song called Hermit the Frog. Although this song Hermit the Frog is not a very popular song, it is possible to say that it is an example of a pop genre that you will like. The song Hermit the Frog by the musician known as Marina or Marina and the Diamonds manages to be at the top of our songs about frog list.

Cavetown – frog

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One of the most original songs on our list of songs about frog is Cavetown’s song Frog. Even if this song has not been listened to hundreds of thousands of times, we guarantee that you will love it. We should also include Cacetown’s song Frog in our list.

Sushisingz – shy little frog

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One of the unpopular songs on the songs about frog list is the song Sushisingz’s shy little frog. Although there are many elements in the song that will make you like the song, it is not a popular song yet. We also added unpopular songs to the songs about frog list for you to discover. I hope you have fun listening to this song.

Vast – Frog

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One of the popular songs of the alternative rock band Vast has an atmospheric atmosphere and an angry energy can be felt in its lyrics. We should include this original song in our list.

Whiskey Myers – Frogman

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One of the most original songs on our list of songs about frog comes from Whiskey Myers. The song Frogman contains examples from the country song and rock genre. When you listen to the lyrics of the song more carefully, it becomes clear that it is written intelligently.

The Rasmus – Frog

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We also include the song Frog by the Finnish rock band The Rasmus in our songs about frog list. The song is generally not very popular as it is one of the band’s early works. However, the alternative Rock sound is reflected very well.

The Handsome Family – Frogs

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His song The Handsome Family in Frogs, which releases songs with folk genre touches and modern Rock genre dynamics, can also be included in our list. While listening to this original song, you will travel to other universes, just like other The Handsome Family songs.

Failure – Frogs

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Failure, one of the alternative rock bands, remembered our songs about frog list with the song Frogs. This song, which has an impressive atmosphere, has a clever structure that includes abstract themes. Failure’s song Frogs is a song that you can listen to not only on your list but also to change your energy in different moods.

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