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Songs about cold often have a high dose of romance. Cold weather is a source of inspiration for some singers. For some, it is the optimal condition for creating great songs. Here are songs about cold with examples from different genres and times:

Foreigner – Cold as Ice

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Foreigner was initially an enormous hit in North America with their 1977 self-titled debut (which produced three top 10 singles including Hot Blooded). Unfortunately, Double Vision wasn’t as successful with Canada and Australia only reaching No. 2. Nonetheless, two additional US top 10 singles achieved chart positions within its catalog.

Foreigner’s 4 in 1981 was their only No 1 album in the US, spending 10 weeks at No 1. This release produced several hits including: Urgent featuring Junior Walker’s sax solo; Waiting for a Girl Like You and Thomas Dolby contributing his signature synth sound as well as playing keyboards for some tracks on this record. This track is one of the most popular songs about cold.

Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes

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Northern Irish-Scottish rock band formed in 1994 by Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Nathan Connolly (guitar and backing vocals), Paul Wilson (bass, backing vocals) and Jonny Quinn (drums). Originally called Shrug, they released several EPs before making an impressionful statement with Songs for Polar Bears album released under major label Fallen Empires record label before taking a brief hiatus before returning in 2018 with Wildness release.

“Take Back the City,” from this album is an ode to Belfast and has proven incredibly popular at live shows. Additionally, Jeepster have released various compilation albums since, such as Up to Now in 2009 which features hits from their Jeepster years as well as revised versions of fan favorite songs.

Snow Patrol stands out on this list for more than its widespread popularity; their music is truly moving and emotive. Their greatest albums like Final Straw and Eyes Open have sold more than 10 million copies globally.This song is one of the most original songs about cold.

James Blunt – Cold

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James Blunt (born James Hillier Blount; 22 February 1974) is a British singer, songwriter, and musician. A former reconnaissance officer in the Life Guards regiment of the British Army, he served under NATO during the 1999 Kosovo War. After he left the military, he rose to fame in 2004 with the release of his debut album Back to Bedlam, achieving worldwide fame with the singles “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover”. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about cold.

Maroon 5 – Cold

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Adam Levine, former member of Kara’s Flowers, currently leads Maroon 5 since 1994. Their initial two albums ‘Songs About Jane’ (platinum status) and ‘Movements Like Water’ (triple platinum certification). Furthermore, Maroon 5 have won numerous Grammy awards throughout this time period.

Though successful, the band has struggled to maintain its momentum; their seventh album Jordi was released with mixed reviews in 2017. Jordi contains many of the same features that have come to define their music: mismatched instrumentation and plastic-sounding pop.

However, there are a few strong songs on the record; one such being the piano-driven 80’s power ballad “Better Than We Break,” with its smooth piano chords and waltzy drums working even better than expected. Finally, “Back at Your Door” provides an emotional combination of weepy RnB and melodic pop that features piano, synth strings, pained vocals from Levine that blend in beautifully with poppy guitar arpeggios and Oscar-baiting strings from Oscar. This work by Maroon 5  is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about cold.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

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The Weeknd is known for his mysterious persona and signature falsetto. His vocal range includes tremolo-rich falsetto notes that have earned him international renown, making him a sought-after collaborator, appearing on albums by Drake, Maluma, Cashmere Cat and Daft Punk among many others. In 2015 he set a Guinness World Record by spending consecutive weeks at number 10 of Billboard Hot 100 with “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face”.

Imagine Dragons – Polaroid

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Imagine Dragons have quickly become one of the biggest bands worldwide since bursting onto the rock scene just four years ago. Their blend of rock, hip-hop and pop music has captured audiences of all kinds.

Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tolman met while attending Brigham Young University. Once settled in Las Vegas, the band recorded two well-received EPs before signing to Interscope Records – their debut album being 2012’s Night Visions which quickly rose through the charts to bring them into national prominence.

The band is known for their infectious music and visually striking videos, as well as for their inspiring lyrics which draw upon members’ own struggles with illness or disability; one song “Believer” specifically was inspired by one band member’s battle against ankylosing spondylitis, an arthritis-related condition affecting joints in their back.

Rihanna – Cold Case Love

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Rihana holds one of the top selling musical artists ever with 14 Billboard Hot 100 number ones–tying with Mariah Carey and Madonna for fourth most ever!

She was an early proponent of EDM music and never shied away from letting her voice soar on “Umbrella,” where she sings each syllable as though she were creating it, without shying away from accent or emphasis.

She stands out as one of the most versatile performers of her generation. Her mashups of her top songs with dancehall riddims on ANTI demonstrate her savvy understanding of pop’s roots, while she maintains an expressive dark female timbre and strong lower register throughout her musical evolution. Among songs about cold, it would be impossible not to mention this song by Rihanna.

Paramore – Last Hope

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Paramore was an iconic pop punk band of our youths, known for their signature haircuts, hot topic clothing choices, and lyrics full of teenage angst. Their second album ‘Riot!’ became an instant classic, cementing them as part of emo iconography; later they made headlines by performing at Vans Warped Tour as headliners shortly after debuting.

Hayley Williams and Zac Farro remain at the helm of this beloved 90s band as they enter their early 30s, still producing hits that resonate with fans on both sides of the Atlantic. While still the embodiment of an entire generation, their sound has expanded beyond angsty juvenilia to include arena-ready hooks and ambitious stylistic experiments. This is a striking example for the songs about cold.

Kanye West – Cold

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Kanye West has long been one of the most influential hip hop musicians of modern history. He is one of the most successful artists ever with over 132 million albums sold and boasts 21 Grammy awards to his credit. Additionally, West is renowned for being a fashion icon as well as co-owner of Tidal Music streaming service.

Kanye began producing beats for local artists using faster vocal samples from classic soul tracks at Chicago art school American Academy of Art before earning recognition with rapper Grav’s album Down to Earth. Among songs about cold, it would be impossible not to mention this song.

Arctic Monkeys – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

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Arctic Monkeys, led by singer/songwriter Alex Turner and featuring their breakthrough hit album AM, are one of the most influential rock bands of this decade. Their electric guitars and thunderous drums provide the ideal accompaniment to teenage life – not to mention its amusing lyrics that have drawn comparisons between themselves and other contemporary guitar bands such as The Libertines or Franz Ferdinand. With its lyrics, it can be considered among songs about cold.

Bob Dylan – Winterlude

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“Winterlude” is a song by the legendary American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, featured on his 1970 album “New Morning.” The song is characterized by its simplicity and folk-influenced sound. “Winterlude” is a short and sweet tune with whimsical lyrics, and it serves as a lighthearted interlude on the album.

The lyrics playfully capture the coziness and romantic ambiance associated with wintertime. Bob Dylan’s “Winterlude” is part of the broader collection of his work that spans various genres and styles throughout his prolific career.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

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When we list various songs about cold, this would be a great choice for your playlists. “Sweater Weather” is a song by the American alternative pop band The Neighbourhood, released in 2013 as the lead single from their debut studio album, “I Love You.” The song became a massive hit and is known for its dreamy and atmospheric sound.

“Sweater Weather” explores themes of love and relationships, with the lyrics using the metaphor of changing weather to express the complexities of romantic feelings. The track’s catchy melody, Jesse Rutherford’s distinct vocals, and the band’s blend of indie pop and R&B elements contributed to its success and popularity.

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