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“Indie” is a sub-genre in different music genres. An abbreviation of the English word “independent”, indie refers to songs that are released independently, not by a professional studio. The songs released by independent music labels can generally be called “indie”. Although we encounter more examples in rock and rap genres, there are many examples that can be called indie in other music genres. Indie love songs are one of the most popular song styles on digital music platforms. Here are these freely created love-themed songs:

Kygo & Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours

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The popular American alternative rock band Imagine Dragons and Kygo collaborated in 2018 and released a song called Born To Be Yours. The song is included on Kygo’s album and Imagine Dragons actually features on the track. It’s a good mix of electronic dance music and rock and is one of the most hit indie love songs. Dan Reynolds, the beloved vocalist of Imagine Dragons, has a unique vocal influence that makes Born To Be Yours an unforgettable song. You can get lost in the theme of love while listening to Reynolds. Kygo produced this song and also the album it is on in an indie style.

Ella Henderson – Yours

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One of the most popular songs from British singer Ella Henderson’s 2014 self-released album Chapter One is “Yours”. One of the most striking elements of this independent song is Henderson’s unique and superior vocal skills. The artist, who expresses the feelings of being in love eloquently, released Chapter One and many of the love songs on it as a debut without the support of any major studio. “Yours” should be remembered as a good example of indie love songs from the UK.

Sleeping At Last – “Saturn

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The best examples of the indie music genre usually arise from rock bands. One of these indie rock bands is Sleeping At Last. The song Saturn, released by the popular band in 2017, has an unforgettable tune and mood. This unique song reflects the music of the new generation among indie love songs in a great manner.

Tom Odell – Grow Old with Me

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Tom Odell, whose songs are highly influential on many social media platforms, has many other songs such as his well-known song Another Love. One of the popular songs of the British artist is “Grow Old With Me”. Released in 2013 on his debut album Long Way Down, this song is composed of piano and vocals. This song, which is likely to make you think deep thoughts about love while listening to it, should definitely be counted among indie love songs.

I Choose You – Ryann Darling

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American singer Ryann Darling released the song I Choose you in 2016. Although this song can be classified as a folk song, it is in fact a unique genre of its own. With Darling’s unmatched tender vocals, the song will uplift your feelings about love. We include “I Choose You” among indie love songs and celebrate it in our list.

Turning Page – Sleeping At Last

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The indie rock band Sleeping At Last released their album Sleeping At Last in 2011, which included their song Turning Page. Turning Page, one of the most favorable songs of the album, was also included in the soundtrack album of the popular movie Twilight series. This song, which has reached millions of people, is among the most effective indie love songs thanks to its arrangement of piano and vocals. The song describes how wonderful being in love is.

Matthew Mole – Running After You

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Passion Pit – Carried Away

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Passion Pit is an American indie-tronica band. The song Carried Away from their album, which has a weird name like Gossame, is very loved. We can say that the song is more inspired by the pop genre. When we listen carefully to the lyrics, it is apparent that it refers to the fact that falling in love is a kind of manipulation. This original song by Passion Pit is among the most listened to indie love songs.

Arctic Monkeys – 505

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Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

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The American alternative rock band Mazzy Star is remembered among the unforgettable indie love songs with the track called Fade Into You, which they released in the 90s. Fade Into You has an impressive atmosphere. The vocalist Hope Sandoval’s attempts on the vocals are admirable. As one of the successful rock bands producing indie music, Mazzy Star can be considered a worthy 90s band.

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