Jonathan Flint

Jonathan is a DJ with years of experience in the field. He has been creating and playing music his entire life, but he really found his passion for DJ when he was introduced to Logic Pro at age 10.
  • PlaylistSongs About Zombies

    Songs About Zombies

    Zombies can be found in many art works. Here are examples of high energy songs about zombies: The Cranberries –…

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  • RapRap Songs About Money

    Rap Songs About Money

    Welcome to the “Rap Songs About Money” playlist, where we dive into the world of hip-hop and explore the themes…

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  • PlaylistSaddest Spanish Songs

    Saddest Spanish Songs

    Welcome to the “Saddest Spanish Songs” playlist, where the depth of human emotion is explored through haunting melodies and heart-wrenching…

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  • MetalMetal Love Songs

    Metal Love Songs

    Welcome to the Metal Love Songs playlist, where the raw power of metal meets the depths of human emotion. In…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Suicide

    Songs About Suicide

    Our playlist of songs about suicide navigate the intricate realm of mental health, providing a medium for artists to express…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Self Harm

    Songs About Self Harm

    Artists use their lyrics and melodies to create a space for listeners to connect with shared experiences, fostering understanding and…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Surprises

    Songs About Surprises

    Welcome to the enchanting world of ‘Songs About Surprises,’ a musical tapestry woven with unexpected twists and turns. These eclectic…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Obsession

    Songs About Obsession

    From the realms of love and desire to the haunting corridors of paranoia and surveillance, these songs about obsession paint…

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  • PlaylistSongs About Unrequited Love

    Songs About Unrequited Love

    Each melody, lyric, and emotional note in this playlist resonates with the profound emotions that accompany unrequited love, offering solace…

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  • RockSlow The Beatles Songs

    Slow The Beatles Songs

    Whether you’re seeking moments of quiet introspection or simply longing to experience The Beatles in a more contemplative light, “Slow…

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