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We have compiled examples of songs about the world for you by choosing the most popular songs from different musical genres and periods. We have compiled for you your favorite songs that contain the word world or lyrics about the world. We start our music discovery with Imagine Dragons’ popular hit song, On Top of the World.

Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

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The first song of our playlist of songs about the world came from a popular band of today, Imagine Dragons. Released as part of Imagine Dragons’ album “Night Visions” in 2012, “On Top of the World” is an upbeat and feel-good song that celebrates moments of triumph and happiness.

The song’s energetic rhythm and catchy melody convey a sense of elation and joy, emphasizing the feeling of being victorious and on top of the world after overcoming challenges. We can remember this track with this chorus:

“’ Cause I’m on top of the world, ‘ey
I’m on top of the world, ‘ey
Waiting on this for a while now
Paying my dues to the dirt
I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ey
Been holding it in for a while, ‘ey
Take it with me if I can
Been dreaming of this since a child
I’m on top of the world

Deborah Cox – Let the World Be Ours Tonight

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This original song can also be announced on this playlist. Released in 2016, “Let the World Be Ours Tonight” by Deborah Cox is an uplifting dance-pop song that embodies a sense of liberation and celebration.  The track encourages living in the moment, embracing freedom, and letting go of worries and constraints. It’s an anthem that invites people to unite, dance, and seize the night.

Slash – World on Fire

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Slash is a popular rock band with high energy rock songs. From Slash’s album “World on Fire” released in 2014, the song “World on Fire” is a high-energy rock track featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. The song exudes a fiery and rebellious spirit, reflecting on the chaotic state of the world while conveying a sense of urgency and determination.

It’s characterized by powerful guitar riffs and a vibrant, electrifying energy. World on Fire can be remembered among songs about the world.

Coldplay – Champion of the World

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Featured on Coldplay’s album “Everyday Life” released in 2019, “Champion of the World” is an anthemic track that evokes themes of resilience, hope, and perseverance. The song’s lyrics explore feelings of isolation and longing for connection while expressing the desire to find one’s place in the world.

It carries Coldplay’s signature sound with emotive vocals and a melodic arrangement. Coldplay is one of the most beloved bands these days.

USA for Africa – We Are the World

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This popular anthem can be remembered at the top of the list of songs about the world. “We Are the World” is a charity single released in 1985 by the supergroup USA for Africa, featuring an ensemble of renowned artists. The song’s purpose was to raise funds for humanitarian aid in Africa.

Penned by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, the song’s lyrics convey messages of unity, compassion, and global solidarity in facing challenges, symbolizing the power of collective action to bring positive change to the world.

2 Chainz featuring Ariana Grande – Rule the World

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Here is another funny song. Released in 2019 on 2 Chainz’s album “Rap or Go to the League,” “Rule the World” is a hip-hop track that combines 2 Chainz’s rap style with Ariana Grande’s vocals. The song touches upon themes of success, ambition, and celebration, portraying a narrative about achieving dreams and enjoying the fruits of labor.

It exudes a celebratory vibe, emphasizing a triumphant feeling of reaching the top.

Cher – Woman’s World

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We can continue our playlist of songs about the world with Woman’s World. Featured on Cher’s album “Closer to the Truth” released in 2013, “Woman’s World” is an empowering dance-pop anthem. The song celebrates womanhood, strength, and resilience.

With a message of empowerment and unity among women, the track serves as a rallying cry for women to stand together and assert their strength in a changing world. Here is the beloved chorus:

Tell the truth
This is a woman’s world
Tell the truth
This is a woman’s world
Tell I’m stronger
Strong enough to rise above
This is a woman’s world
This is a woman’s world

Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World

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This classic song can be remembered among songs about the world. Released in 1967, “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong is a timeless classic that celebrates the beauty of life and the world around us.

The song’s serene melody and heartfelt lyrics convey themes of appreciation, gratitude, and optimism, highlighting the simple pleasures and wonders of the world, despite its complexities and challenges.  It’s a song that encourages us to find beauty in everyday moments.

Katy Perry – Not the End of the World

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This popular song can be announced on the list of songs about the world. Released as part of Katy Perry’s album “Smile” in 2020, “Not the End of the World” is an upbeat and optimistic pop song that presents a lighthearted narrative. The song humorously addresses mistaking someone for Katy Perry during an extraterrestrial abduction.

Despite the chaotic scenario, the song carries a message of resilience and hope, emphasizing that challenging moments are temporary and that there’s always a brighter future ahead.

John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change

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We should not skip this track among songs about the world. From John Mayer’s album “Continuum” released in 2006, “Waiting on the World to Change” is a reflective and socially conscious song. The track addresses societal issues and the frustration of feeling powerless in the face of problems like political unrest and social inequality.

It conveys a sense of disillusionment with the status quo while emphasizing the desire for positive change in the world.

Michael Jackson – Heal the World

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We could not remember the king of pop now. Released in 1991 as part of Michael Jackson’s album “Dangerous,” “Heal the World” is an iconic ballad that advocates for global unity, peace, and humanitarianism.

The song’s lyrics convey messages of compassion, empathy, and the responsibility to make the world a better place. It serves as a heartfelt plea for healing and harmony, calling for collective action to address issues affecting humanity. It can be remembered with this chorus as follows:

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me, and the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me

Mac Miller – Blue World

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Featured on Mac Miller’s album “Circles” released posthumously in 2020, “Blue World” is a song that reflects on life’s challenges and the struggle to find meaning and purpose. The track explores themes of introspection, introspective reflection, and navigating through the complexities of existence.

Popular artist Mac Miller can be remembered with his track Blue World when we consider songs about the world. It’s characterized by its introspective lyrics and laid-back musical vibe.

Daughtry – World on Fire

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It is one of the newest songs about the world on the list. “World on Fire” is a track from Daughtry’s album “Baptized” released in 2013. The song reflects on the chaotic and uncertain state of the world, expressing the need to find hope and strength amidst adversity.

It touches upon themes of resilience, determination, and finding light in dark times, conveying a message of optimism despite the challenges faced globally.

Michael Ray – Her World Or Mine

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Michael Ray can be remembered among songs about the world. Released in 2018 as part of Michael Ray’s album “Amos,” “Her World Or Mine” is a heartfelt country ballad that explores the aftermath of a breakup. The song reflects on a relationship from different perspectives, juxtaposing the emotional experiences of both parties after parting ways.

It delves into themes of heartache, memories, and the differing ways individuals cope and move forward after a breakup. It has been a huge commercial success with more than 30 million streams on Youtube since 2018.

The Carpenters – Top of the World

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The last song of our list of songs about the world came from The Carpenters. “Top of the World” is a classic song by The Carpenters, released in 1972 as part of their album “A Song for You.” The track exudes a sense of happiness and contentment, expressing feelings of joy and elation.

The song’s lyrics paint a picture of the world as a beautiful place filled with wonder, emphasizing a sense of being on top of the world due to the power of love. This popular band should be listened to not only with this track but also other great hits.

Here is the Top of the World’s beloved chorus as follows:
I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found, ever since you’ve been around
Your love’s put me at the top of the world

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