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Colors, like musical notes, come together to form beautiful textures in our lives. Red is the main color that is widely used both in fashion and in other areas of art. We saw a red shirt, a canvas decorated with red paints. We know that there are many songs with red in the title. The lyrics of some popular melodies are also stained with red paint. Here are some good examples of the songs about red.

Taylor Swift – Red

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Red is the fifth song of the album of the same name by the very famous American singer Taylor Swift. The American pop singer stated at the album launch that they used red as the color of love and jealousy in the song design of this album. In the pre-chorus parts of the song, she symbolizes different emotions with different colors. Then, with the lyric “but loving him was red”, she symbolizes the fact that loving him is dominant over other emotions with the high energy of the color red. “Red” is one of the first songs that comes to mind when it comes to songs about red. Don’t forget the check other taylor swift love songs.

UB40- Red Red Wine

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UB40 is a popular music group in the UK, mostly active in the 80s. Their style should be considered more in the reggae genre. With their high energy songs, they gathered fans not only in England but also all over the world. When it comes to songs with red in the title, it is impossible not to mention UB40’s “Red Red Wine”. The popular reggae song was written about the admiration for red wine. It has a relaxing energy.

Chris DeBurgh – Lady In Red

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“Lady in Red”, a song by the famous British musician Chris De Burgh, released in the late 80s, is one of the most effective uses of the color red. The song reflects the spirit of the period very well. It has a romantic atmosphere and depicts a woman in a red dress. It is one of the most popular songs with red in the title.

Chevelle – The Red

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The song called “the Red”, released in 2002 by American rock band Chevelle, is in the alternative metal category. With the chorus “so lay down, the threat is real , when his sight goes red again” they use the color red as a strong emotional expression. The color red is a common texture in such metal songs.

Blake Shelton – Ol’ Red

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“Ol’ Red” was covered in 1990 by the country group Blake Shelton. It is an amazing example of songs about red. It carries the textures of the country genre. It takes us to American western movies with different instruments. Ol’ Red is the abbreviation of the word Ole Red, Ol’ Red is the name of a place.

Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup

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Toby Keith, the popular American country singer, sings about red drinking glasses in his song “Red Solo Cup”. It is a very high-energy song and carries an energy that makes you smile. As with Toby Keith’s other songs, you feel the country energy at high levels with the song red solo cup. It has a special place among songs with red in the titles because Toby Keith says that red solo cup is not just a cup but my friend.

Toby Keith – Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue

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Toby Keith is one of the most famous names in country music for his cheerfulness. Toby’s famous song “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” was written with nationalistic sentiments about winning American freedom. The colors mentioned in the song are the 3 main colors of the American flag. Red is also mentioned in many songs because it is on the American flag. Among songs about red, this song has a special meaning for American citizens.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand

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The world famous Nick Cave is an Australian singer. He has released countless albums and songs. songs with red in the titles include one by him and his band the Bad Seeds. The song “Red Right Hand” is a popular alternative song with lyrics at the forefront.

Everybody Loves An Outlaw – I See Red

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“Everybody Loves An Outlaw ”, a duo band from Texas, is one of the songs about red with their hit song I See Red. The effective female vocals in the song are impressive and carry a romantic energy.

MAGIC! – Red Dress

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The color red is also used well in “Red Dress”, the popular upbeat song by MAGIC!, a Canadian electronic and reggae band. The color of the woman’s dress is emphasized with red. This upbeat song is also among the songs with red in the titles.

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