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Goldfish is a type of fish that is found in almost all aquariums. Did you know that there are lyrics with “goldwish” in them? There are countless types of songs about goldfish, from old songs to today’s examples. Here are the songs about goldfish with the most original examples:

Until The Ribbon Breaks – Goldfish

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One of the most popular songs of the album “A Lesson Unlearnt” released in 2015 is Goldfish. Electronic music is intensely felt, as in other songs of Until The Ribbon.This song should also be counted as a great example of songs about goldfish.

Claude Debussy – Images Set 2, No. 1: Goldfish

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If this classic piece has not been listened to much on digital music platforms, it should definitely be on our list. Although there are versions recorded by Claude Debussy with the orchestra, he is mostly remembered for arranging a single piano.This song should definitely be counted among the songs about goldfish.

Hamid Behrozinia – Goldfish

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Published in 2020, this song is the most original piece of our list. Mandan Khazaei’s vocals in Hamid Behrouinia’s song Goldfish are quite impressive. Violin compositions are unforgettable in the song. This song is a very good example of songs about goldfish.

Roy Harper – Goldfish (Remastered)

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Roy Harper, who has an interesting vocal who publishes popular songs in the country genre, is on our list with the song Goldfish. Published in 1966, this is the oldest song on our track list.

The Laurie Berkner Band – The Goldfish

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We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the successful song of the entertaining band The Laurie Berkner Band, which has 55 million views, is The Goldfish, the most popular on our list. There are countless fun songs on this youtube channel that publishes songs for children. Children are also featured in The Goldfish’s music video. This song should be remembered among the songs about goldfish with both its lyrics and its clip.

Enter Shikari – goldfĭsh ~

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Known for his innovative works in today’s modern music, Enter Shikari is on our list with the song “goldfĭsh ~” released in 2023. The song has influences from the metal genre and hip-hop genre. It has high energy and aggressive vocals.

Song for Kids by Little Fox – Little Goldfish

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Little Fox-Kids Stories and Songs is a channel that publishes children’s favorite songs through Youtube channels. The song Little Goldfish is a song that this channel released 10 years ago with a very cute animated music clip. It’s a great piece to listen to with your kids. This song should definitely be on our list of songs about goldfish.

dltzk – goldfish

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This piece, released in 2021, is actually an amateur cover attempt. Some find this song quite touching, which is a cover of the goldfish song by Jane Remover by a young musician named dltzk.

Alan Gogoll – Goldfish Ocean

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Goldfish Ocean, a classical guitar composition, is an instrumental song. You will take emotional journeys to other universes while listening to Alan Gogoll’s outstanding guitar talent. This song is one of the best known songs about goldfish.

Wet Bandits – Goldfish

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The last song on our list comes from Wet Bandits. Released in 2019, this song is one of Wet Bandits’ most popular songs. In addition, the guitar and piano inputs, which you will feel throughout the song, will make you very emotional.  This song by the famous musician is one of the first to come to mind when thinking of songs about goldfish. We guarantee you’ll love the backing vocals in the middle of the song too.


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The different works of Indian musicians are very popular. We continue with one of the most original songs about goldfish. NORTHERN ANTHEM’s song Goldfish was released in 2014. It has achieved more than 500 thousand streams on YouTube.

Nao’ymt – Lil’ Goldfish

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We continue with the work called Goldfish by Japanese composer Nao’ymt-Lil. The song has been listened to more than 130 thousand times and does not contain lyrics. While listening to this instrumental song, you will realize that your soul goes to other universes.

Michael Andrews – Goldfish

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You can add to this track on the playlist of songs about goldfish. The song Goldfish by Michael Andrews, who usually composed soundtracks for TV series and movies, has been listened to over 190 thousand times. You can appreciate Michael Andrews’ musical talents while listening to this song. Interestingly, the non-original YouTube post were listened to more.

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