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Owning fake friends or notice that this strategic situation after a long time can be the intense themes of many songs. From rock’n roll hits to modern hip-hop songs, there are countless examples of songs about fake friends . Apart from those who were betrayed by fake friends, there are also good examples for those who do not have such a story. While listening to songs, do not question whether your friends are fake or not.

It can be considered a painful theme for someone who has a background story related to this theme. If you find songs about fake friends, here is a great playlist for you! Let’s explore the most beloved examples of songs about fake friends by starting All My Friends Are Fake.

Tate McRae – All My Friends Are Fake

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The first song of our list of songs about fake friends came from Tate McRae. Featured on Tate McRae’s EP All the Things I Never Said released in 2020, All My Friends Are Fake navigates themes of betrayal and disillusionment within friendships. McRae’s emotive vocals express the pain of realizing the insincerity and falseness in relationships, particularly among peers.

The song captures the sentiment of feeling isolated and let down by those whom one once considered close. Lyrics like All my friends are fake, just like the smile on my face evoke the inner turmoil and vulnerability resulting from these deceitful connections.

Kandi – Fake People

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This original track can be listed at the top of the list of songs about fake friends. Kandi’s track Fake People, part of her album Hey Kandi… released in 2000, addresses the pervasive presence of insincerity and pretense in social circles. The song delves into the frustration of dealing with individuals who portray a false image and facade, lacking authenticity in their interactions.

Kandi’s assertive vocals highlight the need for genuineness and authenticity in relationships, echoing the sentiment of seeking true connections amidst a sea of superficiality.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Fake Friends

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We can remember this old song when we announce songs about fake friends. Released in 1983 as part of the album Album by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Fake Friends is a rebellious anthem addressing the concept of disingenuous companionship. The song challenges the notion of surface-level friendships and shallow alliances, advocating for sincerity and loyalty.

Joan Jett’s powerful vocals and rock-driven melody convey a message of resilience against deceitful relationships, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections over fake alliances.

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me

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Thanks to its lyrics including this dramatic theme, we can add this track to the playlist of songs about fake friends. From Mike Posner’s debut album 31 Minutes to Takeoff released in 2010, Cooler Than Me explores themes of arrogance and self-importance within social interactions. The song discusses encountering individuals who exude a sense of superiority and vanity, believing themselves to be superior to others.

Posner’s catchy lyrics and upbeat melody juxtapose the arrogance of such individuals, questioning their authenticity and the shallowness of their attitudes.

Sigrid – Fake Friends

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Fake Friends, as the name suggests, should be listed on our playlist now. Sigrid’s song Fake Friends, part of her album Sucker Punch released in 2019, delves into the complexities of superficial relationships and deceitful companionship. The track addresses the facade people often put up, concealing their true intentions and insincerity. Sigrid’s vibrant vocals combined with an infectious pop melody convey a message of skepticism towards deceptive friendships.

The lyrics reflect the disappointment and realization of being surrounded by disingenuous individuals who pretend to be supportive but lack authenticity.

Halsey – Without Me

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Even though it is relatively a new song, Without Me can be listed as one of the most iconic songs about fake friends of all time. Featured on Halsey’s 2018 album Manic, Without Me delves into themes of heartbreak, self-reflection, and empowerment in relationships. The song, with its emotionally charged lyrics and compelling melody, narrates the complexities of a tumultuous romantic relationship.

Halsey’s soulful vocals convey vulnerability and strength simultaneously, exploring the dynamics of love and the journey of self-discovery after experiencing betrayal.  The chorus, Thinking you could live without me / Thinking you could live without me / Baby, I’m the one who put you up there, captures the sentiment of reclaiming one’s power after a painful breakup.

Gucci Mane – Fake Friends

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It is one of the newest songs about fake friends. Gucci Mane’s Fake Friends is a track that confronts the theme of disloyalty and false relationships. Released in 2019, this song highlights the rapper’s perspective on the prevalence of superficiality and deceit in social circles.

With a mix of raw verses and a resonating chorus, the song underlines the prevalence of fake friends and the need to be wary of insincere individuals. Gucci Mane’s assertive delivery emphasizes the necessity of discerning genuine connections amidst a sea of deceitful associations.

Avril Lavigne – Complicated

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She is one of the most popular musicians of the American music industry for many years. From Avril Lavigne’s debut album Let Go released in 2002, Complicated reflects on the challenges of navigating complicated relationships and dealing with inauthenticity. The song’s catchy pop-punk melody and Lavigne’s edgy vocals narrate the frustration of dealing with people who put on a facade, hiding their true selves.

Complicated serves as an anthem urging authenticity and honesty, advocating for genuine connections free from pretense in a world filled with superficiality. Complicated tells a dramatic story including fake friends characters.

Camila Cabello – Real Friends

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We can check out Camila’s great songs, when we consider songs about fake friends Camila Cabello’s Real Friends, featured on her self-titled debut album released in 2018, delves into the theme of longing for authentic connections amidst feelings of loneliness and isolation. The song captures the struggles of navigating the music industry and the difficulty of finding genuine companionship in an environment filled with superficial relationships.

Cabello’s emotive vocals express vulnerability and a yearning for sincere connections, highlighting the importance of having true friends in times of need.

Martinez Twins – Fake Friends

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Here is the next song among songs about fake friends. Released in 2017, the Martinez Twins’ Fake Friends addresses the concept of disloyalty and artificiality in friendships. The song’s lyrics touch upon the betrayal experienced when surrounded by individuals who pretend to be supportive but ultimately reveal their insincerity.

The track emphasizes the need to distance oneself from deceitful relationships and prioritize genuine connections over superficial alliances. Through an upbeat and catchy tune, the Martinez Twins convey a message advocating for authenticity and discernment in friendships.

Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool

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This hit track should be also listed in this playlist. From Evanescence’s debut album Fallen released in 2003, Everybody’s Fool addresses the theme of deception and the facade people often project to mask their true selves. Amy Lee’s haunting vocals and the song’s intense rock melody unveil the hypocrisy and disingenuous nature of individuals who pretend to be something they’re not.

The track confronts societal expectations and the pressure to conform while urging authenticity and rejecting the illusion of perfection.

PS1 feat. Alex Hosking – Fake Friends

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PS1 featuring Alex Hosking’s Fake Friends, released in 2020, delves into the realm of artificial relationships and superficial connections. The song captures the frustration of dealing with insincere companionship and the disillusionment resulting from deceitful interactions.

With its catchy beats and relatable lyrics, Fake Friends resonates as an anthem advocating for discernment in friendships and the importance of authenticity.  Fake Friends deserve to be added to your playlists.

Joel Adams – Fake Friends

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Let’s dive into Joel Adams’s track on the our list of songs about fake friends. Joel Adams’ Fake Friends, released in 2017, touches upon the disappointment and hurt caused by disloyal companionship. The song narrates the experience of being surrounded by individuals who feign support but ultimately reveal their insincerity.

Through a blend of heartfelt vocals and a melodic tune, Adams addresses the necessity of identifying genuine connections amidst a landscape of superficiality and falsehood.

Selena Gomez – People You Know

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She has been an iconic star for mostly young fans. People You Know is an appropriate track for our playlist songs about fake friends. Selena Gomez’s People You Know from her album Rare released in 2020, explores themes of introspection and personal growth following turbulent relationships. The song delves into the aftermath of a breakup and the realization that some people in one’s life may not have the best intentions.

Gomez’s emotive vocals convey vulnerability and the process of letting go, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and moving on from toxic connections.

Drake – Fake Love

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We can end this list with one of the popular hip-hop artists of the current times. Drake’s Fake Love, released in 2016 as a single, touches upon themes of betrayal and deceit within personal relationships and the music industry. The song reflects on the experience of encountering individuals who pretend to be supportive but are actually driven by ulterior motives.

Through introspective lyrics and Drake’s introspective delivery, Fake Love exposes the hypocrisy and superficiality that can exist within various facets of life and relationships.

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