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It is normal that words that we do not use frequently in daily life are not seen very often in songs that are products of popular culture. Although auctions is not a word we see in song lyrics very often, it can be said that there are popular songs about auctions with successful ones of different genres. Here are some popular examples:

John Michael Montgomery – Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)

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John Michael Montgomery is a popular American country artist. It is a very common situation for country musicians to use the cases of daily life in their songs. The song Sold was released in 1995 and is a good example of traditional country music. When we look out the lyrics of the song, we realize that the story of the man participating in an auction is being told. Sold, also known as The Grundy County Auction Incident, is one of the most original songs about auctions.

Leroy Van Dyke – The Auctioneer

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Leroy Van Dyke, one of the country singers of the 50s, is a respected artist in America. This song, which tells the story of a man who has mastered the auction business, was released in 1956. As a good example of the country genre, The Auctioneer can be counted among the songs about  auctions.  Considering that there are not many songs on this subject, the meaning of this song by Van Dyke becomes even more special.

Puff Daddy & The Family – Auction

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Puff Daddy and The Family is a hip-hop creation or band. The rap song Auction, which they released in 2015, was presented as a joint project of different rappers. This song with Lil Kim, King Los and Styles P at the microphone used the concept of auction as a metaphor. They compared their struggles in the rap industry to an auction. This rebellious rap song can be counted among the popular songs about auctions.

Dark Tranquility – Auctioned

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The popular metal band Dark Tranquility is known for their dark-themed songs. The song Auctioned, released in 2005, tells the story of an artist through the metaphor of an auction. This unique work that can be evaluated in the death metal genre is the highest energy among songs about auctions. The atmosphere and lyrics of the song will take you away from the concept of auction when you listen to it thanks to its unique vibes.

Sada Baby – Heart Auction

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Sada Baby is a rap artist with an interesting name. She released her song Heart Auction in 2020. The poetic expression style in the name of the song is also felt in the lyrics of the song. You will love it when you listen to the carefully written lyrics. This emotional rap song is one of the most original songs about auctions.

Bob Dylan – No More Auction Block

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Bob Dyaln, one of the most famous singer-songwriters in America, even received the Nobel Prize in Literature in recent years. The successful artist has endless songs released on different topics. One of these interesting topics is auctions. He released his song No More Auction Block in 1962. The song is considered a classic among songs about auctions. It is also considered an unforgettable country song with Dylan’s unvarnished vocal ability and soothing guitar playing.

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