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The term “anticipation” can be found in the lyrics of countless songs in different contexts and with diverse meanings. Sometimes in an R&B song released in the 70s, sometimes in today’s high-energy songs, we know that artists use the concept of anticipation as an expression of different feelings. Here are some unforgettable songs about anticipation:

Carly Simon – Anticipation

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Carl Simon released his second album in 1971. The title of this album is the same as the title track: Anticipation. The song was aired on all radios in the US at the period of its release and remained at the top of the charts for a long time. Carly Simon, who is known for her ability to blend different genres of music very well, demonstrated these skills in her song Anticipation. This permanent creation of the veteran artist is a favorite among the classic songs with anticipation in the title.

The Bar – Kays Anticipation

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The Bar-Kays is one of the most important representatives of funk music. Released Anticipation in the 70s, a song that will be listened to for many years. The funky instrumental parts of the song were very popular. This part of the song has been covered and sampled in countless songs. This fun song with a catchy melody and outrageous lyrics is one of the first songs about anticipation that comes to mind.

D Savage – Anticipation

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D Savage is a famous rapper of recent times. The successful hip-hop artist released the song Anticipation in 2017. The song is an example of trap, which is a unique genre. When we listen closely to the lyrics, it is understood that he is talking about the anticipations in his music career. Rebellious and creative singer D Savage’s Anticipation is the most rebellious of the songs about anticipation.

Justine Skye ft Kranium – Anticipation

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American singer-songwriter Justine Skye released the song Anticipation in 2018. This song has reggae influences. The fun song has lyrics on the new beginnings in life. Anticipation is a collaboration with Jamaican dancehall artist Kranium and features a fun music video. This song may be the most encouraging of all the songs about anticipation. Justine Sky, still in her twenties, recently became famous for her posts on a social media platform and Atlantic Records signed her thanks to her efforts there. Today, she is an inspiration to many young female artists and perhaps a model of hope for their expectations in the music industry.

Bryan & Katie Torwalt – Anticipation

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The American music duo produces music in the genres of pop and rock. Their 2011 album Here on Earth was released to critical appreciation by the popular duo. One of the most catchy songs from this album, Anticipation, consists of lyrics full of worshipful expressions. This unique song should be listed among songs about anticipation. The Christian duo is known for using this religious textures in their songs. They are continuing their music career as husband and wife.

Rihanna – Umbrella

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One of the most successful female artists of all time, Rihanna has made everlasting changes in American pop. Listened by millions of people today, the song Umbrella from her third album is one of the first to come to mind among songs about anticipation. This is because the song has the same popularity as Rihanna’s other songs. It talks about the sacrifice that must be made in a relationship against the difficulties in life. You will love this song thanks to its catchy melody and Rihanna’s great vocal talent.

Little Mix – Touch

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We can continue our list with a little touch by Little Mix. “Touch” is a song by the British girl group Little Mix, released in 2016 as a single from their fourth studio album, “Glory Days.” The song is an upbeat pop track that talks about flirtation, desire, and the excitement of physical affection in a relationship.

Its catchy chorus and infectious melody contributed to its commercial success, making it a popular hit for the group as following:
“Just a touch of your love is enough
To knock me off of my feet all week
Just a touch of your love, oh
Just a touch of your love, oh”

Taylor Swift – Dress

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Taylor Swift’s Dress, who has continued her music career with success and awards since she was young, is also on our list. One of the most memorable songs from her album Reputation, Dress contains a really high dose of romance. In the lyrics, there is a love story about the concept of anticipation. The artist has managed to express her feelings about this complex relationship problem in the most sincere way in her emotional lyrics. Released in 2017, Dress is among the most iconic lyrics about anticipation. If the dose of sadness in this song is not enough for you, here are the saddest Taylor Swift songs.

Logic – Welcome To Forever

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Another great example of songs about anticipation came from Logic. “Welcome to Forever” is a mixtape by the rapper Logic, released in 2013. It’s part of his “Young Sinatra” series and was well-received for its lyricism, storytelling, and production.

The mixtape covers various themes including Logic’s personal journey, his aspirations, and struggles, and it showcases his rapid-fire flow and intricate wordplay. If you don’t know Logic’s other songs, we can suggest.

Demi Lovato – Smoke & Mirrors

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In 2015, Demi Lovato released her album Confident and continues to break records on digital music platforms. The American singer’s song Smoke & Mirrors from this album was very popular. She expressed the difficulties in a toxic relationship in her own way. The successful female artist, who is just out of her twenties, continues to inspire many young women. The pop song Smoke & Mirrors stands out with its theme among songs about anticipation. The talented artist of Mexican origin has a unique vocal talent and puts on top-notch shows for her live audiences.

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