Songs About Affairs

Explore the complexities of forbidden love and hidden desires in this emotionally charged playlist of songs about affairs. From passionate ballads to haunting melodies, each song delves into the thrill and heartache of clandestine affairs.

Whether you’re drawn to tales of temptation or yearning for forbidden romance, these songs about affairs capture the intoxicating allure and inevitable consequences of love outside the lines.

Stevie Wonder – Part Time Lover

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Here is the first song that can be listed among songs about affairs. “Part-Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder is a classic R&B track released in 1985 as part of his album “In Square Circle.” The song tells the story of a clandestine romantic relationship, where the protagonist is involved with someone who already has a committed partner.

Kelly Clarkson – Never Again

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“Never Again” by Kelly Clarkson is a powerful breakup anthem released in 2007 as part of her album “My December.” The song’s intense lyrics and Clarkson’s emotive vocals convey the pain and betrayal of a failed relationship. With lines like “I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green,” Clarkson expresses raw emotion and defiance towards her ex-partner.

“Never Again” resonated with audiences, becoming a commercial success and earning critical acclaim for its honesty and cathartic nature.

Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies

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“Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac is a timeless pop-rock hit released in 1987 as part of their album “Tango in the Night.” The song’s catchy melody and Christine McVie’s ethereal vocals create an irresistible charm that captivates listeners.

“Little Lies” explores themes of deception and mistrust in relationships, with lyrics that convey the pain of being misled by someone you love. Despite its somber subject matter, the song’s upbeat rhythm and infectious chorus make it a favorite among fans of Fleetwood Mac and ’80s pop music.

Adele – Rumour Has It

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Another popular example of songs about affairs came from Adele. “Rumour Has It” by Adele is a soulful pop track released in 2011 as part of her album “21.” The song’s sassy lyrics and Adele’s powerful vocals deliver a message of defiance and confidence in the face of gossip and rumors.

With lines like “Rumour has it he’s the one I’m leaving you for,” Adele confronts speculation about her love life with wit and attitude. “Rumour Has It” became a chart-topping hit, showcasing Adele’s vocal prowess and songwriting talent while solidifying her status as one of the leading artists in contemporary pop music.

Beyoncé – Irreplaceable

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“Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé is a soulful R&B track released in 2006 as part of her album “B’Day.” The song’s empowering lyrics and catchy melody empower listeners to recognize their own worth and walk away from toxic relationships.

Atlantic Starr – Secret Lovers

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Here is another great song that can be remembered as one of the songs about affairs. “Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr is a classic R&B ballad released in 1985 as part of their album “As the Band Turns.” The song tells the story of two people who are engaged in a clandestine affair, hiding their love from the world.

Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

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“I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith is a soulful pop ballad released in 2014 as part of their album “In the Lonely Hour.” The song explores themes of betrayal and heartbreak, with Smith’s emotive vocals conveying the pain of realizing that their partner has been unfaithful.

With lines like “You say I’m crazy, ’cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done,” Smith captures the anguish of discovering infidelity in a relationship. “I’m Not The Only One” became a commercial success, earning critical acclaim for its raw emotion and powerful storytelling.

Britney Spears – Perfume

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“Perfume” by Britney Spears is a pop ballad released in 2013 as part of her album “Britney Jean.” The song’s haunting melody and vulnerable lyrics explore the insecurities and doubts that arise in a relationship.

Katy Perry – Thinking of You

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“Thinking of You” by Katy Perry is a poignant ballad released in 2009 as part of her album “One of the Boys.” The song’s stripped-down instrumentation and Perry’s emotive vocals convey the pain of longing for someone who is no longer present.

With lyrics that evoke nostalgia and heartache, such as “Comparisons are easily done once you’ve had a taste of perfection,” Perry reflects on a past love and the lingering memories that haunt her. “Thinking of You” resonates with listeners who have experienced the bittersweet ache of lost love, making it a standout track in Perry’s discography.

Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River

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The last hit among songs about affairs came from Timberlake. “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake is a sultry R&B track released in 2002 as part of his debut solo album “Justified.” The song’s moody production and Timberlake’s smooth vocals capture the angst and resentment of a breakup.

With its haunting melody and biting lyrics, “Cry Me A River” confronts a former lover who has betrayed Timberlake’s trust.

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