Saddest Rihanna Songs

While her music career continues to evolve, Rihanna remains a cultural icon, known for her creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and trailblazing achievements in music, fashion, and business.

Her impact on the entertainment industry and her ability to reinvent herself while staying true to her authentic self have solidified her as an influential figure and role model for fans around the world. If you seek out the saddest Rihanna songs, here is a great playlist!

Take A Bow

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Released as part of Rihanna’s 2007 album “Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded,” “Take A Bow” is a powerful breakup anthem. The song explores themes of betrayal, disappointment, and empowerment.

Rihanna’s emotive vocals express a sense of frustration and disillusionment in a failing relationship, confronting the dishonesty and urging the partner to take accountability for their actions.

Love The Way You Lie

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When we consider the saddest Rihanna songs, this track should be remembered. A collaboration with Eminem, this song was featured on Eminem’s 2010 album “Recovery” and Rihanna’s album “Loud.” “Love The Way You Lie” portrays a tumultuous and intense relationship marred by conflict and passion.

The song delves into themes of love, dysfunction, and the cycle of toxicity within relationships, highlighting the complexities of emotional turmoil and domestic disputes.

Love On The Brain

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From Rihanna’s 2016 album “Anti,” “Love On The Brain” is a soulful and passionate ballad. The song encapsulates themes of love, vulnerability, and intense emotions. Rihanna’s vocals exude raw emotion as she expresses a deep and enduring love despite the challenges and hardships faced within the relationship.


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Stay should be remembered among saddest Rihanna songs. Also from Rihanna’s album “Unapologetic” released in 2012, “Stay” is a heartfelt and stripped-down ballad. The song delves into themes of longing, vulnerability, and the complexities of love.

Rihanna’s emotionally charged vocals convey the plea to stay and work through the hardships, showcasing the struggle to salvage a failing relationship.

Kiss It Better

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Another track from Rihanna’s 2016 album “Anti,” “Kiss It Better” is a sultry and seductive song. The track explores themes of desire, passion, and the yearning for intimacy. Rihanna’s vocals exude sensuality as she navigates the push-and-pull of a tumultuous relationship, expressing the desire for resolution and healing despite the conflicts.

Pour It Up

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Pour It Up has to be added to our list of saddest Rihanna songs. Featured on Rihanna’s 2012 album “Unapologetic,” “Pour It Up” is an anthem celebrating extravagance, opulence, and a carefree lifestyle. The song’s themes revolve around indulgence, partying, and the enjoyment of wealth.

It’s a high-energy track that embraces a lavish and hedonistic attitude, celebrating the luxurious aspects of life.

What Now

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From Rihanna’s 2012 album “Unapologetic,” “What Now” is an introspective and emotive song that delves into themes of emotional turmoil, confusion, and inner struggles. The lyrics express feelings of despair, questioning, and the search for clarity amidst a state of emotional turbulence. It reflects on the pain of uncertainty and the quest for inner peace.

Here is the beloved lyrics as following:
What now? I just can’t figure it out
What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out (Wait it out)
What now? Oh, oh, oh, oh! What now?


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When we consider saddest Rihanna songs, Unfaithful should be listed now. Found on Rihanna’s 2006 album “A Girl Like Me,” “Unfaithful” is a poignant and somber ballad that explores the themes of infidelity, guilt, and remorse. The song portrays the emotional conflict of being unfaithful in a relationship and grappling with the consequences of betrayal.

It delves into the complex emotions surrounding an affair and the internal struggle of the protagonist.


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Featured on Rihanna’s 2019 album “Angel,” “Farewell” is a hauntingly beautiful track that navigates themes of departure, letting go, and moving on. The song’s melancholic tone captures the emotions tied to bidding farewell, whether to a person, a phase of life, or an emotion. It reflects the bittersweet nature of parting ways and embracing change.

Here is the iconic verse of this song:
Farewell to you, my friends
We’ll see each other again
Don’t worry ’cause it’s not the end of everything
I may be oceans away
But here is where my heart will stay
With you, my friends with you
With you, my friends with only you

Final Goodbye

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The last song among saddest Rihanna songs is Final Goodbye. “Final Goodbye” is a bonus track from Rihanna’s 2006 album “A Girl Like Me.” The song embodies themes of closure, acceptance, and bidding a final farewell to a relationship or an aspect of life.

It portrays the sense of finality and the readiness to move forward, marking the end of a chapter with a sense of resolution.

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