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Chief Keef first gained major attention with his mixtapes, particularly “Bang” and “Back from the Dead,” both released in 2012. The breakout single “I Don’t Like” from “Back from the Dead” caught the attention of Kanye West, who later remixed the track with other artists, further propelling Chief Keef into the mainstream.

If you are ready to explore the best Chief Keef songs, let’s start right now!

Hate Bein’ Sober (feat. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa)

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The first song can be counted among best Chief Keef songs is here. “Hate Bein’ Sober” is a collaborative track featuring 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa, included in Chief Keef’s debut studio album “Finally Rich,” released in 2012. The song addresses themes of partying and substance use, contrasting the title with the content of the lyrics.

The combination of Chief Keef’s energetic delivery, 50 Cent’s veteran presence, and Wiz Khalifa’s distinctive style creates a dynamic track that gained attention for its catchy hook.

Laughin’ to the Bank

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“Laughin’ to the Bank” is a single from Chief Keef’s debut studio album “Finally Rich,” released in 2012. The song reflects Chief Keef’s newfound success and the financial rewards that came with it. The track’s upbeat production and Keef’s confident lyrics contribute to its celebratory and triumphant vibe, making it a notable entry in his early catalog.

Uh Uh (feat. Playboi Carti)

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The next song is Uh Uh which can be listed in the list of best Chief Keef songs. “Uh Uh” featuring Playboi Carti is a collaboration that showcases Chief Keef’s ability to work with emerging artists. Released in 2018, the track blends Keef’s drill-influenced style with Carti’s signature flow, resulting in a song that captures the energy of both artists.

The collaboration demonstrates Chief Keef’s ongoing influence on the evolving landscape of hip-hop.

I Don’t Like

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“I Don’t Like” is a breakout single by Chief Keef, released in 2012, that played a significant role in propelling him to mainstream recognition. Featured on his mixtape “Finally Rich,” the song gained attention for its raw energy and straightforward lyrics.

It addresses Keef’s disdain for various aspects of life, reflecting the gritty and unapologetic style that became a trademark of Chief Keef’s early work. This track should be remembered among the best Chief Keef songs. 


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“Faneto” is a standout track from Chief Keef’s mixtape “Back from the Dead 2,” released in 2014. The song gained immense popularity for its aggressive lyrics and energetic production. “Faneto” showcases Chief Keef’s unfiltered and assertive style, becoming a fan favorite and a staple in his discography.

We can remember this great song by remembering this chorus of it:
I’m a gorilla in a fuckin’ coupe, finna pull up to the zoo, n***** (Skrrt, skrrt)
Who, n*****? Who the fuck is you? I don’t know, n*****
No, n*****, pull up on your block, we gon’ blow, n*****
Go, n*****, run, n*****, run from the po’, n***** (Police, n*****, ayy)
Gas what I smoke, n***** (n*****, smoke)
Feds at my door, jump out the window, n***** (The window)
No, you can’t get no money, you silly ho (You silly ho)
I just hit a stain, faneto (Faneto)


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“Hallelujah” is a track by Chief Keef from his mixtape “Bang, Pt. 2,” released in 2013. The song features Keef’s signature aggressive flow and drill-inspired production. “Hallelujah” is notable for its raw energy and straightforward lyrics, characteristic of Chief Keef’s early work that contributed to the drill music movement. It is a great track among the best Chief Keef songs. 

Kay Kay

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“Kay Kay” is a song from Chief Keef’s mixtape “Finally Rich,” released in 2012. The track features Keef’s laid-back delivery and provides a glimpse into his experiences with fame, wealth, and the challenges that come with success.

The production and Keef’s distinctive style make “Kay Kay” a memorable addition to his discography. This original song can be remembered among best Chief Keef songs. 

No Tomorrow

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“No Tomorrow” is a track from Chief Keef’s mixtape “Finally Rich,” released in 2012. The song showcases Keef’s auto-tuned vocals over a trap-influenced beat. The lyrics touch on themes of living in the moment, embracing a carefree lifestyle, and facing the uncertainties of the future. “No Tomorrow” became a popular track, highlighting Keef’s versatility within the drill rap subgenre.


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“Kobe” is a track from Chief Keef’s mixtape “Bang, Pt. 2,” released in 2013. The song pays homage to NBA legend Kobe Bryant, using his name as a metaphor for success and excellence. With a catchy hook and Keef’s trademark delivery, “Kobe” became a fan favorite and further solidified Chief Keef’s influence in the rap scene.


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The last example of best Chief Keef songs is a pretty original one that is named 3Hunna. “3Hunna” is a track from Chief Keef’s mixtape “Back from the Dead,” released in 2012. The song features Lil Reese and is a drill anthem that gained significant attention for its raw intensity and portrayal of street life.

The term “3Hunna” is a reference to the street gang Black Disciples, further emphasizing the gritty and authentic narrative found in Chief Keef’s early work.

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