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There are many amazing songs about treasure that you may want to check out. While some of these songs can be about themes that are directly linked to treasures, such as searching or finding something, some of them may have romantic or religious meanings. So some of these songs may appeal to the adventure lover in you and some others may be impactful if you’re looking for songs with a deeper meaning. On this post, you can find many wonderful songs that are about treasure in lots of different genres.

Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure Down

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Treasure can mean a lot of things, especially when we are talking about songs that have it as a topic. In “Tracking Treasure Down” by Gabriel & Dresden, we encounter this topic as a metaphor in a dysfunctional love story. This song has a nice groovy feel to it and it is an awesome piece of electronic music which can be awesome to dance to. The lyrics of the song are about a manipulative partner who selfishly seeks their own interests.

Editors – Like Treasure

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“Like Treasure” is another one of the songs about treasure that talk about this topic in a metaphorical sense. It is a song by the British indie rock band Editors, featured on their album “In This Light and on This Evening”. The calm yet powerful parts of the song are accompanied by lively and epic keyboard sections. Its lyrics are wanting to keep a love interest only for oneself, like a treasure.

Bruno Mars – Treasure

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While some of the songs that have the word “treasure” in them can be considered underrated, there are some popular ones, too. Here’s one of the examples to this: “Treasure” by well-known pop singer Bruno Mars. This popular track has a very fun and lively melody, accompanied by its amazing romantic lyrics. The song’s lyrics are about seeing one’s partner valuable like a treasure.

The Who – The Seeker

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For those looking for songs about treasure hunting, this track can be an amazing one to listen to. While it is not directly about treasure hunting, this song is about themes like seeking something and perseverance. Along with its epic lyrics, what makes “The Seeker” by The Who a great song is its powerful and energetic rock melody. It is about a man who is searching for something while thinking that he won’t find it.

Howling Bells – Treasure Hunt

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Treasure is a term that is related to elements such as adventure, fun, mystery and determination. “Treasure Hunt” by Howling Bells is an amazing song that wonderfully expresses the feelings that these elements may create, with its empowering lyrics and high-spirited melody. It is a song with an energetic melody and its lyrics are about moving forward and searching for treasure, feeling ready and determined to find it.

Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest (Sea Shanty)

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When it comes to songs about treasure, we should definitely mention a sea shanty and “Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest” is the perfect one to discuss. Although this is not an authentic sea shanty but a fictional one, it certainly has the typical sea shanty sound and vibe. It is about a treasure that many pirates are searching for.

Depeche Mode – Pleasure, Little Treasure

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“Pleasure, Little Treasure” by Depeche Mode is a fun song to listen to with its basic and enjoyable melody. The topic of the song perfectly fits its simple sound. It is about cherishing the simple things around us, while others are demanding more and more from life. So it is a song that portrays simple pleasures as valuable like treasure.

Burlap to Cashmere – Treasures in Heaven

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Some songs we discussed were about adventure and many were about love. But there are also lots of religious songs that are about treasure. “Treasures in Heaven” by Burlap to Cashmere is one of the nice songs about treasure in heaven that can be worth checking out. It is a song about letting go of sorrow and focusing on the afterlife, from a Christian perspective.

Kenny Rogers – Buried Treasure

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This nice song by Kenny Rogers has a slow yet powerful melody that is wonderful to listen to. “Buried Treasure” by the famous country singer is a love song that is about being content in a relationship and remembering the value of the things that one already has.

Neil Young – Heart of Gold

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While some people may be looking for treasure in its literal sense, treasure for many people is about loving someone and being loved. In this context, “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young can be considered another one of the wonderful songs about treasure. It is simply a song about trying to find a good person to love, but failing to achieve this.

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