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There are countless songs written about ships in the history of music. Dozens of songs from different musical genres and published at different times are about ships and sea voyages. We have compiled the most popular examples of songs about ships for you. Here is our exploration of songs with popular examples:

The Doors – Ships with Sails

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The iconic song of The Doors, one of the most famous rock bands of all time, is at the top of our list. Ships with Sails, unlike other rock songs, is a song in which the band’s creativity is at the forefront. Ships is one of the first songs that come to mind in our list of songs about ships.

This song, which intertwines rock and experimental genres, is an original piece. You can listen to the song with peace of mind not only in the songs about ships list but also in all your other playlists. Jim Morrison’s impressive vocals will satisfy you.

OneRepublic – Ships+ Tides

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OneRepublic, the creator of popular pop-rock songs, comes in second on our list. Their song Ships+Tides is one of the most emotional songs on our songs about ships list. Containing themes such as relationships, breakups, and forced changes, this song is definitely at the top of our list.

The Doors – The Crystal Ship

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Popular rock band The Doors is on our songs about ships list not only with their song Ships with Sails but also with their song The Crystal Ship. The Crystal Ship is an iconic song by the Doors released in 1967. Especially when the lyrics of the song are listened to more carefully, the poetic atmosphere attracts attention.

Motorama – Ship

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Next is the song called Ship by Motorama, one of the popular rock bands. This song is a good representative of the post-punk genre. It is one of the most important parts of our list of songs about ships, especially with its melancholic lyrics and impressive vocals. It’s impossible not to follow the rhythm while listening to this song.

Mat Kearney – Ships In The Night

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We continue with Mat Kearney’s song Ships In the Night. This track has a little higher energy than the artist’s other songs and its melodies are easy to follow. This song, which tells about the impasses in love, has successfully written lyrics. We recommend you to include this original song in our songs about ships list.

Blur – Ghost Ship

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One of the most popular British rock bands is Blur. His song “Ghost Ship” has a very unique atmosphere. The song talks about the past and the feeling of nostalgia. The song called Ghost Ship is also one of the most aggressive examples of the songs about ships list.

Wallners – Ships

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Austrian music duo Wallners is on our list with their song Ships. This original song has become one of the popular examples of the indie pop genre. Vocals and backing vocals are quite impressive. You should give this original song a chance in our songs about ships list.

Junior Wells, Buddy Guy – Ships On The Ocean

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We continue with the only example of our list from the blues genre. The song Ships on the Ocean by Junior Wells, Buddy Guy has a Chicago style atmosphere with great guitar work.

Ships on the Ocean should be played not only on our songs about ships list, but also on generally nice evenings. If you like the Blues genre, Ships on the Ocean will be the right choice.

Dead Man’s Bones – Paper Ships

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Dead Man’s Bones, one of the indie rock bands, is a band that includes popular Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling. The group often releases popular and impressive songs.

With this unique style, the song Paper Ships, featuring Ryan Gosling on vocals, should definitely be on our songs about ships list. You may be surprised by the musicianship of the famous actor.

Throw The Fight – Passing Ships

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Passing Ships, released by the band Throw The Fight, is an example of a strict rock song. It should definitely be on our list of songs about ships, especially with its high energy. When the lyrics of the song are examined more carefully, the mistakes made in the past are expressed using the metaphor “passing ships”. This poetic expression is admirable.

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