Metalcore Love Songs

Metalcore love songs infuse the genre’s signature intensity with themes of passion, devotion, and vulnerability. Amidst the blistering riffs and pounding drums, these songs offer a unique perspective on love, blending aggression with tenderness to create a dynamic sonic experience.  Let’s explore the most iconic Metalcore love songs now!

The Amity Affliction – Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice

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The first track that can be listed among Metalcore love songs  is here. “Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice” by The Amity Affliction is a haunting ballad that explores themes of addiction and self-destruction. Released as part of their album “Chasing Ghosts” in 2012, this song offers a raw and visceral portrayal of inner turmoil.

As I Lay Dying – Forever

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We cannot skip this track if we seek out the best metalcore songs that have a love theme. “Forever” by As I Lay Dying is a metalcore anthem that resonates with themes of perseverance and determination.

Released as part of their album “An Ocean Between Us” in 2007, this song exemplifies the band’s signature blend of aggression and melody.

Loathe – Is It Really You?

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Another track that can be listed among Metalcore love songs is here.  “Is It Really You?” by Loathe is a track that delves into themes of identity and self-discovery. Released as part of their album “I Let It In and It Took Everything” in 2020, this song offers a blend of atmospheric soundscapes and intense instrumentation.

Periphery – Lune

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“Lune” by Periphery is an epic journey through sound and emotion. Featured on their album “Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal,” released in 2012, this track showcases the band’s progressive metal prowess. With its dynamic shifts and intricate melodies, “Lune” transports listeners to otherworldly realms.

The lyrics weave a narrative of longing and introspection, exploring themes of longing and the pursuit of inner peace. Through its soaring vocals and intricate instrumentation, “Lune” leaves a lasting impression, inviting listeners to embark on a sonic odyssey.

Vanna – Flower

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Another popular hit that can be listed among Metalcore love songs  came from Vanna. “Flower” by Vanna is a poignant exploration of resilience and growth. Featured on their album “All Hell,” released in 2017, this song combines melodic hooks with raw emotion.

Lyrically, “Flower” celebrates the beauty that emerges from struggle, drawing parallels between the resilience of a flower breaking through concrete and the strength of the human spirit.

Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You

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“Follow You” by Bring Me The Horizon is a heartfelt exploration of love and devotion. Released as part of their album “That’s the Spirit” in 2015, this song showcases a departure from the band’s earlier metalcore sound towards a more melodic and accessible style.

Lyrically, “Follow You” expresses unwavering commitment and loyalty to a loved one, even in the face of challenges and hardships.

Issues – Coma

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“Coma” by Issues is a powerful and emotive track that delves into themes of struggle and redemption. Featured on their album “Headspace,” released in 2016, this song combines elements of metalcore with electronic influences.

Lyrically, “Coma” explores the journey of self-discovery and personal growth, reflecting on the pain of past mistakes and the desire for a fresh start. This song starts with these lyrics:

Everybody needs lovin’ sometimes
Physical emotion, alright, babe
To see your face light up
Would give me nothin’ but bliss
And when I start showing’ off
I’d never know how to quit…

Blessthefall – Open Water

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The next song that can be listed among Metalcore love songs came from Blessthefall. “Open Water” by Blessthefall is a dynamic and exhilarating track that captures the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Featured on their album “To Those Left Behind,” released in 2015, this song combines soaring melodies with aggressive riffs. Lyrically, “Open Water” embraces themes of freedom and liberation, urging listeners to break free from constraints and embrace the unknown.

Sleep Token – The Love You Want

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“The Love You Want” by Sleep Token is a haunting and atmospheric track that explores themes of desire and longing. Released as part of their album “Sundowning” in 2019, this song offers a blend of ethereal vocals and mesmerizing melodies.

Lyrically, “The Love You Want” delves into the complexities of romantic relationships, expressing a yearning for connection and intimacy. With its hypnotic rhythms and emotive delivery, “The Love You Want” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a dreamlike world of emotion and longing.


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The last example of Metalcore love songs  is here. “Rose” by CURRENTS is a powerful and intense track that captivates listeners with its ferocity and emotion. Released as part of their album “The Place I Feel Safest” in 2017, this song showcases the band’s signature blend of metalcore and melodic elements.

With its lyrics, “Rose” explores themes of resilience and inner strength, drawing parallels between the beauty of a rose and the ability to overcome adversity.

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